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Posted by Hannah-Lee Monday, September 9, 2019

K-Pop idols who look stunning with freckles


Freckles are not a common trait for Korean people, so it can be difficult to find idols who have freckles. While some idols are naturally blessed with freckles, others have tried out freckles for certain photoshoots and teasers. Regardless of whether they are faux or real, check out these idols who can pull off freckles and look absolutely great!

Stray Kids’ Felix

One of the most famous freckled idols is Stray Kids’ Felix. Fans are absolutely in love with Felix’s natural freckled complexion. Felix even removed his foundation so that one of his fans could see his freckles at a fan sign event!


For her solo debut, Jennie sported a unique faux freckled look in her teaser images. Fans loved her freckles, which added a chic vibe to the photos and made Jennie look even more like the queen she is.

Red Velvet

In 2017, the members of Red Velvet became gorgeous porcelain dolls in their photoshoot for “The Celebrity.” Their light freckles gave them an ethereal vibe that fans instantly fell in love with.

NCT’s Jaehyun

For his SM Station solo track “Poetic Beauty,” Jaehyun stunned fans with faux freckles in his teaser images. The freckles that sprinkled across his flawless complexion made him look like a prince.

Triple H

In their teaser images for debut track “365 Fresh,” the trio stunned fans with their monochromatic makeup look complemented with faux freckles. All three idols absolutely rocked the sun-kissed look.

SHINee’s Key

SHINee’s Key is famous for the freckled look he showed fans in his teaser images for “Face.” His light freckles pair perfectly against his milky complexion. Key seems to love the look too – he’s worn it in multiple shoots!


Various members of EXO have experimented with freckles for comebacks. Xiumin sported flawless faux freckles for the “EXODUS” comeback while D.O. rocked a freckled complexion for the “Ko Ko Bop” concept images.

X1’s Kang Minhee

X1’s Kang Minhee instantly gained attention from fans with his natural freckles when he competed on “Produce X 101.” The Starship Entertainment trainee made fans go crazy with his freckled complexion.

BTS’ Suga

BTS’ Suga blessed fans with his faux freckles in the concept photo for the “Young Forever” comeback. His faux freckles created an innocent vibe that paired excellently with the rest of his look.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park seems to be able to rock any look that she chooses to experiment with. In her photoshoot for “Vogue Girl,” she created beautiful natural freckles that instantly created tropical beach vibes.

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi took a unique take on the faux-freckle trend with her bright rainbow-colored freckles in I.O.I’s “Very Very Very” music video. The confetti-like freckles created a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

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  5. Red Velvet
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  7. Jaehyun
  8. Felix
  9. Triple H
  10. X1
  11. Dara
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felix and jaehyun 😍

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