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A netizen notices that L's goodbye letter was plagiarized from other idol letters


A netizen has discovered that L has plagiarized parts of his handwritten letter from previous letters written by other idols.

The INFINITE member recently wrote a letter to his fans after it was revealed that he would be leaving Woollim Entertainment. However, that letter contains sentences that are exactly the same from Seohyun's handwritten letter when members of Girls' Generation left SM Entertainment

A netizen revealed the plagiarized parts in a tweet. The caption of the tweet reads: "Infinite L's letter... There are three sentences that are exactly the same as Seohyun's letter."

The netizen continued to find more plagiarized lines, stating "I found two more. There are 5 parts that are exactly the same.  Isn't it considered plagiarism if at least 6 vocabulary words are the same?"

The netizen also find similarities in L's letter to a previous B.A.P disbandment letter as well, stating "He used parts from B.A.P's letter as well."

"He used After School's Kaeun, Infinite's Hoya, AOA's Yookyung's letters as well... it keeps adding. I think I need to make a separate page for this." 

What do you think of this situation? Do you think L plagiarized his letter?

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eottoke11,777 pts Monday, August 19, 2019 0
Monday, August 19, 2019

what’s up with these netizens?! they are idols with almost the same experiences. of course, they will most likely have the same reasons for leaving the group. do you think they have the time to even look at other’s letters just to say goodbye to their fans? so are they going to file a lawsuit of plagiarizing a goodbye letter this time?? the fact that he made a handwritten letter for his fans is already a good effort. some artists just let their new agencies or their previous agencies make this kind of letters for their fans. so appreciate what needs to be appreciated and not waste time over plagiarism of goodbye letters. do people really need to be creative with this kind of letter?



IrisRose270 pts Monday, August 19, 2019 1
Monday, August 19, 2019

I would much rather look for the good in his--or anyone's--letter than look for bad things. There is only so much to say in a letter like this, and a lot of the sentences are going to say similar things. I simply cannot and will not believe that L would take the time to go through several other letters from over the years and pick and choose lines from each, then mash them all together.

I think that some people have too much time on their hands and use it to look for what is --OR COULD BE wrong. Why do this unless someone has something against L? No reason.

I am eagerly looking forward to his next project and wish him good fortune and success.


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