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[Triggering] Billboard Writer Tamar Herman takes to twitter to show BTS fans giving her death threats and hate comments after her controversial podcast about BTS with DKDKTV


Ever since the last DKDKTV podcast came out,Armys have been bullying and harassing Tamar Herman and DKDKTV staff on social media websites, even giving them death and rape threats. 

Tamar Herman took to twitter to call out some of these fans. Her tweet below:

She posted a screenshot of the person DMing her death threats, warning it's disturbing.

Check out her controversial podcast about BTS with DKDKTV below!

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kagayakugucci4,168 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019 42
Sunday, July 21, 2019

I've actually listened to the podcast, and it's just an utterly pleasant chat between two industry people, both of whom are actually fans of BTS. People may agree or disagree with the opinions they expressed, but there wasn't anything said there that was even remotely actually offensive to BTS, unless you think that expressing how they are creeped out by BTS World is something to get mad about. They just talked about the state of the industry, wanting more competition in the market on the top level, and how the lack of variety in top idol boy groups affects their jobs on a personal level.

How ARMYs took this as any form of hate towards BTS is beyond me, but one girl did make sure to tell me in the youtube comment section to "shut up and fuck off." This sort of constant sense of victimization of their idols and the need to hold a crusade every time someone says something that isn't just perfect praises for them aligns better with blind religious worshiping than with being a fan, and to threaten the life of a human being over any of this is appalling.


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Kirsty_Louise10,128 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019 41
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Your title suggested that it's multiple people, fans plural. I don't remotely condone what that person sent her, it's absolutely disgusting and there is no defending it. But it's one screenshot, from one person.

Your title made it seem I was about to read a mass collection of hate and threats from ARMY. Please don't sensationalise something just to trigger a reaction and draw more attention to your post. You threw in she has been threatened with rape for crying out loud, where?!


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