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"The Wind Prince" BTS' V turned into a MARVEL superhero on 'BTS Run!'


On Run BTS! episode 81, BTS started up a new series of competitions all revolving around VR arcade games. While the majority of the group members had a hard time playing the first game ( confusion and dizziness was a common complaint), V seemed to have had no problem adjusting and seemed to have had lots of fun!

When it was V's turn to try "flying" VR game, V looked cool and confident playing the game smoothly. Everyone was amazed by V's gaming skills and the members even cheered and noted that it felt like they were watching a TV commercial. Even RM gave him the nickname "The Wind Prince" because of V's ability to control the winds.

After an exciting "race" match, blue-haired V looked like a super hero with the red mask on his face. 

Netizens who watched the episode showed hot reactions to the scene and soon after fan edits spread on an online community of the new marvel character "The Wind Prince".

In the "picking-up the cake" game, members had to pick up 2 pieces of cake on a plank outside of a skyscraper and eat them in the elevator in order to win. The members struggled to get pieces of the cake and made for some hilarious scenes as they played against a two-minute time limit. V however, did very well and left every one speechless by the way he approached the game. "V's style was not thought of before", members commented

After stepping up to the plank, V grabbed 4 pieces of cake and threw them into the elevator, came back safely to eat them, and finished in just 21 seconds. 

Viewers complemented V's genius mind saying he is gifted with deep intellect, and always thinks "out of the box".

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Our Handsomest Charming Wind Prince 🤩🐯🤩💜🤴👑💜🐯

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sarah1006584 pts Tuesday, July 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wind Prince Taehyung is so smart. He looked so cool and was having such a good time. It was a fun episode to watch. 💜



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