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Blue House petition calls out 'Law of the Jungle' producers for mishandling 'giant clam' incident


A petition has been created in regards to the recent 'giant clam' incident.

After the recent air of SBS's variety program 'Laws of the Jungle', controversy erupted when actress Lee Yeol Eum was filmed catching and consuming endangered giant clams in Thailand. Lee Yeol Eum, who caught the actual clams, quickly became the target of punishment. Viewers were then dissatisfied with the program's poor handling of the situation, and many took to the Blue House petition website where they asked for penalty to be placed on the program's producers and not on the actress.

With the petition currently up on the website, some citizens wrote: "please uncover the truth instead of blaming everything on the actress", "the producers of the show are so irresponsible", "(the crew) shouldn't just remain hiding in Korea; they should go to Thailand where they committed the crime and receive the rightful punishment."

The petition states, "we ask that actress Lee Yeol Eum be exempt from the maximum of 5-year imprisonment and that the producers of 'Laws of the Jungle' receive severe punishment...we believe that this issue has been caused by the PDs and the crew, not by Lee Yeol Eum who tried her best (on the show). If the coordinators in Thailand and the crew members had properly informed Lee Yeol Eum, none have this would have happened in the first place."

What do you think of this issue?

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Kirsty_Louise8,932 pts Sunday, July 7, 2019 19
Sunday, July 7, 2019

I totally agree that the producers should also receive punishment. If they were there to oversee the show's recording, why in the hell did they not put a stop to this?!

But to say Lee Yeol Eum is without fault is crazy. She was informed of the laws like they all were, so she is accountable too. She went and caught those clams when it has been stated they were all told not to do so. If she had no idea that would be one thing but it seems as though everyone knew.


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DTRT7,384 pts Sunday, July 7, 2019 14
Sunday, July 7, 2019

So they want everyone but Lee Yeol Eum to be held responsible.

The lengths some Koreans go to in order to shield celebrities is embarrassing. Some things are just more important.

Frankly I think all who participated in the poaching including Lee Yeol Eum should be held accountable because they all did it. Not many places recognize ignorance as a defense for breaking the law.

If this was a jaywalking citation or some obscure law from 100 years ago that isn't applicable to modern life that would be one thing but an endangered species was poached, cooked and eaten on a national Korean broadcast. Going easy on the perpetrators is going to give the impression that it's not that big of a deal and if Koreans start going to Thailand to poach giant clams because they saw an actress do it, that will decimate the giant clam population to the possible brink of extinction.

I don't think she needs to serve the full 5 years in prison but a heavy fine (well in excess of $1300US) as well as a lifetime ban from the national park for all involved seems appropriate along with bearing the public shame of eating an endangered species for the sake of entertainment.


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