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Seungri’s military postponement nears end, has not applied for extension


The three month postponement period for Seungri’s impending military service is approaching its end. An official from the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration has revealed that he has not filed an extension yet. The MMA official said, “Seungri has not applied for additional postponement of his enlistment. The postponement period will end at midnight on the 25th.” If he has not filed for postponement by June 25th, the MMA will finalize his enlistment date and notify him.

Seungri delayed his enlistment in March amid allegations of embezzlement and buying sexual favors. He is able to apply for up to four more extensions if necessary. If Seungri does not apply for additional postponement or if the MMA does not accept his request, the Seungri case will be handed over to the military police at the time of his enlistment and a joint investigation with the civilian police will take place.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Now, let us get this straight. The law is far reaching than one may think. The guy had had many hours of questioning- the police have had their day sifting through all the allegations that they claim he might have committed thus far. So far- the judiciary dealing with the case are yet to bring him to court or have him arrested. Why?? Because most of the said crimes, are primarily hearsay, innuendo, or just spite from a lot of people who just hated him for his seeming success. If the military courts find him guilty he would be dealt with accordingly. The guy is facing a catch 22 situation- stay or go- either way he is damned. Frankly, I am so tired of this news being regurgitated all the time.



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Sunday, June 23, 2019

I kinda hope he does go to the military and that the trial is held there because that way everyone will have to leave him alone. If he is proven not guilty then people will not be able to say that he or YG paid anyone off (and still be believed) and if he is doing guilty and sentenced then no one will be able to say he got off to lightly because of bribery or influence or whatever bs they come up with that day. Either way he will be able to get this whole situation resolved permanently and in a way that no one can complain about and then when he gets out of the military he can go on with his life normally.


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