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'Dispatch' reveals Han Seo Hee's full retelling of her 2016 drug investigation, involving Yang Hyun Suk


On June 14, media outlet 'Dispatch' released an exclusive report detailing former YG Entertainment trainee Han Seo Hee's full retelling of her police investigation for illegal drug dealing activities, from back in 2016. 

According to 'Dispatch', Han Seo Hee was first contacted by YG Entertainment regarding this illegal drug cast on June 1, 2016 - two months before she was booked for illegal drug use charges by police in August of the same year. 

On June 1, Han Seo Hee was contacted by WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon via Kakao Talk. Read their message exchange below:

Lee Seung Hoon: Where are you.
Han Seo Hee: Home.
Lee: Did you meet up with Kim Han Bin recently.
Han: Kim Han Bin? I'd say about a month ago? Does that count as 'recently'? Whatever the case, I saw him like a month ago. 
Lee: Hey, what are you doing.
Han: I'm watching TV and eating. Why are you sending me a private Kakao.
Lee: I have some really important things to discuss. You need to be alert and respond to me right away. 
Han: Okay. I will.
Lee: Wait a sec, I'm gonna make one phone call.
Han: Okay go ahead.
Lee: 010XXXXXXXX. Call me at this number.

According to Han Seo Hee, Lee Seung Hoon told her as follows, "He said that B.I got caught [during drug tests]. [B.I] told them that he did drugs with me. [Lee Seung Hoon] asked me to meet up with him urgently. And then I went to a location near the YG building."

When Han Seo Hee arrived at the meet up location, she was greeted by a stranger named 'K', instead of Lee Seung Hoon. 'K' told her, "I'm here instead of Seung Hoon. Make sure to remember that the issue regarding B.I is a secret. Contact me if anything happens." 

Two months later, on August 22, Han Seo Hee was booked for charges of using the illegal drugs marijuana and LSD. Han Seo Hee admitted to her usage of the drugs right away, and also discussed the topic of her Kakao Talk conversations with B.I in her first and second questioning. 

Due to the fact that she admitted to her charges right away and showed no signs of evasion, Han Seo Hee was released without detainment. Below is a photo Han Seo Hee took herself inside the police station on August 22, 2016 at 10:14 PM, in order to leave record of her experience. 

Immediately after being released from police questioning on August 22, Han Seo Hee contacted 'K'. She told 'K' that she had been arrested, and that she told the police about B.I. 

According to Han Seo Hee, 'K' visited her at her home that evening to discus the investigation, and also came to pick her up on August 23, 2016, heading to the YG Entertainment building together. 

Once she arrived at the YG building, Han Seo Hee recalled that she went up to the 7th floor, where Yang Hyun Suk's office is located. Han Seo Hee then stated that Yang Hyun Suk requested her cell phone before questioning her, attempting to win her over, and then threatening her, for approximately an hour and a half. 

Han Seo Hee claimed that she was afraid at the time, and wanted to leave any sort of record possible. She asked Yang Hyun Suk for her phone back in order to call her mother, then headed to the restroom, where she snapped the photo below at 10:38 PM KST on August 23, 2016. Han Seo Hee's face can be seen reflected in the metal. 

'Dispatch' also phoned YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk to inquire about this particular event. 

Yang Hyun Suk told 'Dispatch' in his phone interview as follows:

"It's true that I took her cell phone. In case she tried to record. And even then, I was very careful with my words. I told her that we run the drug tests twice a month, and that Han Bin has never once tested positive. I told her that if Han Bin ends up going to the police and if he doesn't test positive, then she could be charged for lying, deceit, and defamation of character. That's when she got scared and she chose to take back her previous statements herself. If he went to the police then? He would have tested negative right away." 

However, Han Seo Hee's account differs:

"Yang Hyun Suk took my cell phone and turned it off. He asked me what happened at the police. I told him that I confessed to B.I smoking marijuana with me, and buying LSD through me. Yang Hyun Suk replied, 'I hate even the idea of my boys being investigated by the police.' He also told me that they got rid of all of the drug traces from [B.I's] body, so there would be no way for him to test positive... I remember him also saying, 'Seo Hee! You need to become a nicer child. You can't become a bad child, right... Your dream is to become a singer? Then you need to stay in the entertainment industry. But it would be a piece of cake for me to ruin you... He told me to take back my previous comments to the police. He said that he can access all of the police reports, and also that he would hire a lawyer for me with the fees paid. I was scared, and I didn't have a choice." 

As recorded in the police report below, officers at the time had to make significant adjustments to Han Seo Hee's answers from her first and second questioning, when she attended her third questioning on August 30. 

Meanwhile, Han Seo Hee was sentenced to a possibility of 3 years in prison for her use of illegal drugs by the court some time in 2017, if she violates any more laws within a 4 year time frame. If police decide to reinvestigate B.I's case from 2016, Han Seo Hee could also face more charges for her involvement, meaning she would violate additional laws during her legal arrest period. 

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lovevixx101444 pts Thursday, June 13, 2019 18
Thursday, June 13, 2019

EVERYONE and i mean the thousands of people who didnt believe her and took B.I statement that he purchased the drugs but never did them , screamed about how YG never protected B.I and the 300 thousand who signed a petition for B.I , should be feeling like this right about now .....

yall got clowned so hard lol

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red_beryl4,860 pts Thursday, June 13, 2019 15
Thursday, June 13, 2019

She is smart for making sure she has some sort of proof. Hope YG won't be able to get out of this.

I was surprised to see the name of WINNER member in the article though

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