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Yoon Ji Sung moments to remember as he is away serving the nation!


Yoon Ji Sung, the leader of former boy group, Wanna One enlisted on May 14, 2019. Ji Sung really captured the hearts of many while on 'Produce 101' so let’s run though some of the iconic Ji Sung moments Wannables will definitely look back on as he is away serving his mandatory national service!

1) His MMO performance

Although it was not aired in the programme, the 5 boys did the GOT7 song, "Hard Carry" justice as they presented an energetic performance. The MMO boys showcased amazing vocal and dancing abilities as they carried out their audition with a debut-ready stage presence.

2) His phone call with his sister

Fans were so happy to see him interacting with his sister because it turns out that his sister was just as extra as him. She sounded extremely bubbly over the phone and it wasn’t long till Ji Sung started whining at her to calm down, regretting not calling his parents instead. He has such a cute relationship with his sister, filled with playful banter.

3) Leader Ji Sung giving advice

When Hyunbin was feeling upset because of all the negative comments he was receiving, Ji Sung actually stepped in to encourage him and give him advice. He mentioned how he himself was called 'ugly', 'old' and 'the producer’s pick' because it was impossible for someone that looked like him to be actually that high a ranking. He encouraged Hyunbin by reminding him that while everything else was out of their control, they could and should always work hard, so at least then, no one would be able to insult them for their skills. Ji Sung honestly doesn’t deserve any of the criticism he received and his kind heart could be seen very clearly from how he used his experience to encourage his dongsaeng.

4) Downpour Performance

In the performance, he not only showed off his soft, beautiful vocals but looked at Hyunbin and gave him support when he was getting too emotional, comforting him through the warm look on his face. Ji Sung was an amazing leader in this group and his leadership definitely helped in the making of this iconic and emotionally charged performance.

5) Being the Top Pick among other Trainees

Ji Sung was extremely loved by each and every single one of the trainees. His genuine and down to earth personality made everyone want to root for him and support him. It was no wonder that he was the top pick among all the trainees as all of them really looked up to him and loved him for being the happy vitamin of 'Produce' and showering them with the care a hyung should show his dongsaengs.

6) His reactions (All the time)

In all of 'Produce' history, no other trainee gave better reactions than Yoon Ji Sung. It was no wonder he got so much screen time because of how funny the expressions he gave were. We will always look back on the many times the camera cut to him to capture his take on the situation that had just happened.

7) When he got 3rd position in the second ranking evaluation

Getting 25th position in the 1st ranking evaluation and jumping 22 positions to become in the debut line up, Yoon Ji Sung’s reaction tells us everything The way he waddled down as he was crying makes fans both laugh and feel emotional because it was obvious how touched he was to be at his current position. Ji Sung really deserved to be able to climb that far up to the top.

8) When he came in at 7th place in the finale

Produce 101 was my last chance, I had no expectations” - This was said by Ji Sung while on 'Happy Together' after he debuted with Wanna One. At 27, Ji Sung was feeling like his debut would never come, in fact, he mentioned how he even received his letter to enlist before 'Produce 101'. His reaction when he was told he was going to be debuting will always be my favorite Ji Sung moment to look back on because he has waited so long for this and it was finally time for him to go out and showcase his talents to the world. Ji Sung proved to everyone that age really is a number and you are never too old to want to go chase your dreams.

Ji Sung has prepared a song, which he wrote the lyrics of, as a gift to fans and it will be released on May 19. Two years is pretty long, but Wannables will definitely wait for him! We are wishing him all the best and to come back healthy and safe! 

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Guesstar2,479 pts Tuesday, May 14, 2019 0
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Aww....so positive and considerate of him to encourage others through his own not-so-good experiences.....he has all the makings of a good gentle leader/mentor.....👍👏



HSK1,227 pts Wednesday, May 15, 2019 0
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Quite shocking to know that he's 28 years old already. He doesn't look like that at all?



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