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Netizens react to court decision regarding 2 women that smuggled meth in their bras


Two women in their 30s suspected of trafficking meth in their underwear were commuted by the appeals court.

The Seoul High Court revealed their decision on Wednesday, sentencing the two women to 2.5 and 3.5 years in prison respectively, compared to a prior sentencing of 4 and 5 yrs.

According to the prosecution, the two women surnamed 'Kim' and 'Park' left for Cambodia after being told they would be paid 3 million won for their hard work and travel expenses. Kim was found to have smuggled 550g of drugs 3 times in July, October, and November 2017 by hiding 150g of meth in black tape in her bra each time. Park is also accused of bringing in 400-500g of drugs using the same means in September and October 2017 and Park was further found to have colluded in selling the meth in Korea.

The court refused to accept their claims that they thought the smuggled goods were "industrial diamonds" and not drugs. The court said, "They're claiming that it was industrial diamonds but yet they received 3 million won for hard labor and expenses in return for one shipment? I think they were fully aware that they were transporting drugs."

However, the judge felt that the sentencing at the first trial was too heavy saying, "Kim didn't take part in drug-related crimes since April 2018 and Park also voluntarily quit drug trafficking after delivering meth to buyers in Korea in May 2018. Because there's no prior history of the same crime and they've cooperated with the investigation and are reflecting on their wrongdoings by submitting letters of apology several times, I will reduce their sentence."

  1. 1. [+453, -11] Are you serious?? They're always reflecting when they're caught. Send them to China or North Korea so that they can be executed.
  2. 2. [+184, -0] The judges' complacency has turned South Korea into a drug kingdom~
  3. 3. [+108, -1] What a pathetic court...these drug dealers are trying to seduce ordinary people and if you keep doing this it's gonna get worse...
  4. 4. [+60, -0] Drug-related crimes are subject to a minimum sentence of 10yrs in prison, why are you trying to reduce it??? stop it!!
  5. 5. [+60, -1] 3 million won is great for easy money but they all know its severe punishment if you're caught. such selfish and stupid people~~
  6. 6. [+4, -0] Someone should throw lunch box bombs at those idiots...that's not a judge..that's a crime sympathizer.
  7. 7. [+4, -0] Are the judges on drugs?? ㅋAre you out of your mind?? Have you ever thought about how many people would die from drugs? 2 or 3 years of stealing bread..let's not even..
  8. 8. [+3, -0] Let's change the law ~

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    RationalK469 pts Sunday, May 19, 2019 3
    Sunday, May 19, 2019

    Can we stop with all the "Netizens react" articles? I thought we all agreed the netizens posting on these kinds of articles were lunatics??

    The damn top comment is "Send them to China or North Korea so that they can be executed." Executed. For smuggling drugs for some higher-up that'll never be caught. That's the top comment. Yes, they should be jailed and yes that sentence is too light, but holy shit.


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    annabts608 pts Sunday, May 19, 2019 0
    Sunday, May 19, 2019

    drug users and drug smugglers get the same sentences?

    Now that’s effin weird.



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