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NCT Dream's Jeno under fire for his 'xenophobic' behavior towards Chenle


NCT Dream's Jeno is being criticized for his rudeness toward a foreign member Chenle

During a recent live airing, Chenle, a Chinese member of NCT Dream, read the game direction out loud for the group. The idol with his intermediate Korean skills read the directions very slowly and also fumbled with a few words. While listening to Chenle, Jeno pounded his chest as if he's greatly frustrated with Chenle's poor Korean. 

Fans claimed Jeno's rude behavior to be xenophobic. In an online community, a fan stated"Jeno, this is not right. Even if you're kidding, who pounds their chest like that and gets frustrated when someone's talking... NCT needs to be more careful about xenophobia. It's upsetting to see (foreign members) getting more and more afraid to speak Korean."

Many agreed and commented, "I'm a fan and Jeno did wrong this time," "Don't protect Jeno on this. I'm a fan and I think it was wrong for him to do that," "SM needs to educate if they want to create global idols. NCT fans have even directly mentioned xenophobia to them...Chinese members understand when Korean members stutter in China. They're in the same group. They need to help each other."

Watch the controversial part from the live broadcast below. What are your thoughts on Jeno's behavior? 

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Halison131 pts Tuesday, May 28, 2019 2
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ok so everyone is blowing up over this but I don’t think it’s as serious as everyone is saying. I don’t think Jeno is xenophobic and I don’t think he was doing that to be mean to Chenle. All of the boys in NCT joke about languages especially the foreign ones. I really don’t think he’s xenophobic and was just teasing Chenle, and if you still think that’s xenophobic then go ahead, but I don’t think friendly teasing of basically a sibling to be wrong.


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cjk_enthusiast89 pts Tuesday, May 28, 2019 10
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

With all do respect, this situation has happened so many times with so many idols, so stopping at Jeno calling it 'xenophobic' is pure nonsense. Chenle and Jeno are like brothers and I hope any closed-minded netizens would realize that he's joking. I get kpop can be strict with every little move an idol makes, whether its the fans or companies, but this is just way too far. why don't you just make singing and dancing robots instead? Let's be a supportive family here on the internet and stop spreading nonsense and unnecessary hate towards these idols.


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