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Amazing Original Songs from Survival Shows


Love them or hate them, there's no denying the fact that survival shows have become a staple in the world of K-Pop. You're able to experience the talents of so many different contestants, watch them as they grow from trainees into full-fledged idols, and be able to laugh and cry with them every step of the way. And along the way, you're able to see and hear some fantastic songs made solely for these contestants, and even songs made by the contestants themselves. 

These are solely my thoughts, so I'm bound to miss a few great songs. So be sure to let me know down below! Also, I won't be including main songs of these shows, like "Pick Me" from Produce 101 Season 2 or "My Turn" from The Unit, as great as they are, because those songs have much more notoriety than others and it wouldn't be a fair list. And I want to limit it to one song per show as difficult as it might be, seeing as there are so many great songs from these shows, so I hope you understand. Please be kind ^.^

Team B (iKon): "Climax"

A song that conveys pure, raw emotion from all of Team B, they display their feelings of the fear of failure and the hardships of missing their loved ones, but also a sense of hope for the future. Hearing their true emotions, the song truly brings out your empathy and even a tear to your eye.

Stray Kids: "Hellevator"

Made during the process of their own survival/reality show, the lyrics push forth a message of self-hatred and loathing, brought upon by the comments of others, but ultimately a decision to push forward and persevere despite the insults. Combined with a heavy electronic chorus break that leaves an impact, you have for one hell(evator) of a song.

Girls on Top: "In The Same Place"

A song that utilizes the vocal talents of its members, they reflect on the moments of a past relationship before ultimately wishing them the best and allowing both of them to move on. A girlish pop song at its finest, the minimalistic outfits and white everywhere match the blank slate they are starting over from and leave a lasting impression.

SSS: "Dangerous Girl"

There's no denying YG screwed over a lot of hopeful trainees with this program, but this song is one that grabs your attention and holds on to it. The members have a powerful stage presence throughout the song, and the rappers are absolutely fantastic in their delivery. With my first listen, I was hooked.

Twice: "Do It Again"

This unofficial debut song of Twice exudes a certain charm that makes you want to keep watching these girls. The girls bring forth an energy that brings a smile to your face and you can see they're genuinely having fun performing. The song has a fun beat that captures the then untapped potential of these nine girls.

Sons of People: "Never"

A deep house track from the minds of Triple H, this song is an intense ride from start to finish. Matched only by the skills of its members, the song mixes a powerful chorus beat with polished choreography to create a stunning unison that makes you listen to it over and over again.

H.I.N.P: "Rumor"

Few survival show songs have had as big an impact as this one. The ultimate blend of stunning vocals, a killer choreography, and a stage presence that gives off power and sex appeal, it matches perfectly with the mix of house, trap, and reggae sounds ringing in your ears and makes for a stunning song.

The Uni+ B Yellow Team: "All Day"

A song suitable for any party, the heavy bass and electronic beats make you want to dance right along side the members. The confidence the members hold throughout only make the song have that much more of an impact, and the rap and vocal skills bring it all together and leave you hitting the repeat button.

Pentagon: "Find Me"

A slow and soulful performance, the members showcase their individual talents with the melodic beat of the song. The song is minimal in its structure, but the impression it leaves on you is massive. Those wanting a slower song that delivers fluid vocals and one fantastic rapper should give this a listen.

Idol School: "Magical"

An unexpectedly great song, the club beats of the songs are easy to get stuck in your head and have you nodding your head along to it. The vocals match perfectly with the slower moments of the song and the sudden intensity of the chorus break is a great touch that brings it all together.

What are some of your favorite survival show songs? Be sure to let me know!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

I can't stop listening to Rumor, that was such a BOP!



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Monday, May 13, 2019

"All Day' is such a bop! Honestly, Unit B Yellow Team seems like a permanent group. Their chemistry, positions and visuals are just perfect.



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