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*TRIGGER WARNING* Summary for "MBC Straight" Reveals Gruesome Details of Seungri's Club Burning Sun and Other Clubs Torturing Women, Trafficking Children and the Incineration Team Who Destroyed%2

Yesterday a new episode of MBC Straight aired expanding upon the raging scandal of Burning Sun. The following is a brief summary of the investigative program's contents which include torture, false imprisonment, sex trafficking of children, destruction of evidence, rampant police corruption and witness intimidation by the police.

**Trigger warning** 

Strong depictions of violence, exploitation of children.

If these topics sound too troubling to read, please don't read further.


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1. There's a room on top of the club for the VVips to use that comes from a re-modeled officetel. In that room, the "incineration team" folks were found to erase traces of drugs and bloodstains. The reason why bloodstains were found was because they would tie women there (and probably beat them up) and end up having hemorrhages and transfusion (with the help of doctors) while the women are spazzed out. And they will repeat the process while filming everything. Those people were the VVips. And they would go through extensive selection to pick an "incineration team" to get rid of the traces.

2. (hush down tax evasion rumors) by a tax administration agent, (using a law officer) to allow prostitution by the police (this was just obvious)

3. There were also underage girls put into sex trade, they were basically considered a runaway. Once they learned that there were nowhere they could go back to, they were promised that they'd be debuted as celebrities to lure them. They'd be used as prostitutes and be thrown away. There was also a priest who was looking over those runaway teenagers. Two of those girls came out of it. One was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, the other became pregnant and through repeated abortions, her uterus was removed. Those kids were basically supplied to those MDs and getting pimped-out. They said they'd receive more money than normal prostitutes

4. The MD's son Lee Sihyung, Kim Moosung's son in law was the only name released, and of course, he is under allegations of drugs use currently. As soon as Burning Sun's scandal broke, he was seized by the police (because his connections wanted to shut his mouth)

5. Massive police collusion, it's just f*cking huge. We can only trust the employees who said they never want to enter the club

6. Currently, there's a bunch of police patrolling in front of Kim Sangkyo, the informant's house. He's under surveillance at all times

7. It's already been 5 months since Kim Sangkyo first exposed the Burning Sun scandal, however, the investigation team still doesn't want to reveal anything. So who in the earth was the VVip who hit Kim Sangkyo??

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1. I watched this live and this is seriously worse than what you see in movies

2. This is the reason why we can't trust Korea

3. I think that even if they wanted to turn this into a movie, they'd have to tame down the facts... How is this reality? ㄷㄷㄷ

4. If you looked at Kim Sangkyo's IG, he said that there's stuff even more disgusting than this, but because he's afraid there'd be copycat crimes, this cannot be aired

5. Ah this made me vomit, I can understand why they can't investigate the entirety of it, but this makes me puke

6. Ah... Is this really reality...? This can't be real...

7. Those are crazy f*ckers, the police is so busy about shutting everyone's mouth, they're still not going to reveal the VVips

8. You can't call this a country if you don't end up revealing their names...

9. Meanwhile Kim Sangkyo is getting sued by the police f*ck what the f*ck is this?

10. Kill those f*ckers

  1. Seungri
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Monday, April 22, 2019

For the first time in a long time, I cried. I really cried.

"Torturing women, trafficking children."

How could you be deemed human?

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pink_oracle25,786 pts Monday, April 22, 2019 8
Monday, April 22, 2019

But let me guess, Seungri was just the face of the club, he didn't know about any of it, right?

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