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Naver considering legal action against 'Running Man' for plagiarizing their webtoon


Naver, South Korea's major online platform, is considering legal action against SBS' 'Running Man' for plagiarism. 

The April 28 episode of 'Running Man' titled, 'My Special Money Race,' is accused of plagiarizing the popular Naver webtoon 'Money Game,' which tells the story of a "brain survival game" with 44.8 billion KRW ($38.6 million) in prize money.

'Running Man' admitted they considered the webtoon in creating the episode and apologized for failing to reach out to Naver ahead of time. 

On April 29, a rep of Naver stated to OSEN"SBS has apologized to the webtoon side over the phone. We requested an official apology but we did not receive a response on this. The writer (of the webtoon) also did not receive an apology." 

The rep added, "We're actively looking into taking legal action on 'Running Man's plagiarism of 'Money Game.'"

Meanwhile, 'Money Game' has been confirmed to be made into a movie. 

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nq16401 pts Monday, April 29, 2019 4
Monday, April 29, 2019

running man does these episodes very often but this is the first time i've heard anyone have a problem with this. for instance, running man takes from james bond for their yoomes bond episodes. or they make episodes based on whats trending at the moment, like a korean drama. they should have reached out and asked for permission first but this isn't plagiarism.


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taichou_san1,354 pts Monday, April 29, 2019 0
Monday, April 29, 2019

sbs already apologize and yet they want official apology...erm why does it seems like a mediaplay for me? especially when this webtoon confirmed to be made into a movie?...beside its not first time runningman make money game tho...and anyone can tell me how famous this money game webtoon is? since im never heard of this webtoon tho



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