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Former TV personality Amy alleges past propofol use with male celebrity & claims sex tape blackmail


Former TV personality Amy alleged there was another party in her past drug use that led to her deportation

On April 16, Amy posted to Instagram, "Today, my heart hurts, and I'm in pain. I had a really good friend. A friend who I was proud of and thought was cool. Someone like a soulmate... During my investigation, I said that I was the only one who took propofol when they asked if I did it with someone else. However, they told me, 'Male celebrity A was afraid you would rat him out to the police, and he said he had sex tapes and sexual photos of you.'"

She continued, "He was in the army at the time, and he would call me every morning to tell me, 'Please help me. I'm sorry. It's not like that.' He said that his celebrity career would come to an end, and he would die. He personally denied he took photos and video of sexual assault against me. There was a transcript. I thought he would contact me after his military discharge, but there wasn't any. I called him, and he responded acting like I never helped him. I stayed loyal like a fool. More than going to the detention center alone, I was more sad that I lost a precious friend. I won't forget that betrayal." 

Amy was found guilty of continual propofol use in 2012, and after violating her probation, she was deported in 2015.  

Stay tuned for updates on Amy's allegations. 

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Wang_LouisXIV1,647 pts Tuesday, April 16, 2019 9
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

SO people wonder what does she stand to gain. In Korea? Little to nothing. She's been deported, and deported for drug crimes at that, which makes her reentry into the country difficult at best and pretty much impossible at worst.

So What does she stand to gain, a little justice, a little revenge. (I make no judgements about the value of either, we are all after all human. except for the robots) As she has pointed out and admitted to, even in her statement her. She is guilty of using. She just wasn't guilty alone. And while she took the rap doing something for someone she cared for, and thought cared for her. She was then hung out to dry. So she's probably looking to ease her heart. truthfully that probably won't come from anything external. but good luck to her.

What does she stand to lose? In Korea? Korea doesn't really matter since she can't go back. But the rest of the world. Look at her treatment here. She has now put into the public consciousness once again who she is and what she has done, and while other places are more forgiving than South Korean, and treat Addiction as a disease that starts from stupidity (arguably also a disease) She will have to deal with the consequences of her public statement.

I actually don't doubt what she says. People in the position she occupied rarely start out alone. There is usually someone who gets them started, and I am pretty certain this is the case because she was a foreigner. The filming side of it, If no actual filming occur is fluff. It seems like the meat of this is the accusation of drug use.


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rania41,593 pts Tuesday, April 16, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

May I know who this male celebrity A is? I need to put this disgusting worm under my unstan list.



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