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Seungri reported to have negotiated prostitution for overseas investors at Christmas party in 2015


Seungri is reported to have negotiated prostitution for overseas investors at a Christmas party in 2015.

On April 16, reports revealed the Provincial Special Detective Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency received witness testimony about a previous party held by Seungri around Christmas in 2015. According to the testimony, female escorts were invited to the Christmas party for Japanese investors, and the participants' bank accounts confirmed they received compensation. 

A police representative stated, "[Seungri] did not order sexual service, but he did call them in knowing something could occur, and actual sexual activities took place. The women were professional escorts and not non-celebrity acquaintances of Seungri. They are still in the industry, and this will likely be seen as procuring prostitution."

As previously reported, Seungri has already been accused of procuring prostitution at his birthday party on Palawan island in December 2017 and on another occasion in December of 2015. 

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Factsdomatter65 pts Tuesday, April 16, 2019 13
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

So according to the facts here when I hired a male stripper for my best friend’s wedding shower through an adult entertainment escort company which I paid for to perform and paid the expenses of the shower also for everyone to attend I am ordering a prostitute because he worked also as an escort also and anything could happen with any of the other guest (all executives from various industries) most of which I didn’t know personally because they were her friends. Wow what a stretch. As it is well documented it’s not a crime anywhere to be friends with or to have friends or business connections with people who work in the adult entertainment and escort service industry, which according to this article the police admit run legally in South Korea. Seungri’s personal businesses deals with night clubs which seems to be a shock to everyone is where escorts might work.

What’s shameful here is all the moralizing seems to be focused on shame slutting adult WOMEN who had their expenses paid to attend parties and voluntarily had sex afterward (since he is not being charged by any of these women with anything else nor has he ever been charged) but no MEN who did the same behavior are being questioned and having their bank accounts looked at to see if they were paid extra or paid extra money to these women.


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iSsopep1,713 pts Tuesday, April 16, 2019 3
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

May I get the source for this article? I can't see it anywhere.


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