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Big Bang fans list reasons to petition for Seungri to be kicked out of group


Fans of Big Bang have create a petition for Seungri to be officially "kicked out" from the group.

On March 9, fans on 'DC Gallery' made a list of points they argued why Seungri should no longer be in Big Bang. In the petition, they mentioned foremost the allegations related to the 'Burning Sun' incident.

"Suspicions of Criminal Acts:

1. Luxury Parties

In December of 2017, Seungri rented the entire resort on Palawan Island in the Philippines in the name of a birthday party, leading to allegations related to prostitution and other 'Burning Sun'-related individuals and foreign celebrities, with claims that they were potential investors.

2. Commanding escort services

In 2015, employees of the investment company Yuri Holdings by Seungri had a group Kakao chat about hiring escort services for foreign investors, preparing arena locations for them, and asking for 'women who are good at giving', with Kakao texts as evidence that he was encouraging sexual bribery.

3. Club 'Burning Sun' in relation to tax evasion

He was accused of evading a large sum of tax by registering the club as a retail food industry. Furthermore, there had been talks of prostitution, sexual violence, drug trafficking, and more, while he acted as president of a hotbed for sexual crimes against women and promoting 'Burning Sun' on various television programs on behalf of his own name and face."

Moreover, the fanclub made recurring notes of the idol star's past allegations, including his penalty from 'Salty Tour', promoting votes for questionable platforms, among other cases.

Check out the netizens' comments gathered from community forums. 


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YokoNom424 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 1
Saturday, March 9, 2019

When we go with this logic then Taeyang would go solo which would be the best decision he could possibly make


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CROW1,939 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 6
Saturday, March 9, 2019

1. Wait for verdict of innocence or guilt. Not that I'm saying I believe one way or the other but even the people who seem the most guilty can turn out to be innocent and even the people who seem the most innocent can turn out to be guilty.

2. Reread No. 1


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