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Netizens talk about NU'EST Baekho who truly proved himself to be a natural for 'Laws of the Jungle'


NU'EST's Baekho has finally proved himself to be a real natural for the jungle. 

As a man who had been nicknamed as 'sexy bandit' since 'Produce 101 Season 2', Baekho had expressed multiple times in the past that he wished to appear on the real 'Laws of the Jungle'. On March 9, the SBS variety program featured the idol singer, showing the real "natural" sides to him that proved his strengths on Chatham Islands.

Kim Byung Man, the head of 'the Jungle', approved Baekho and acknowledged him as the idol star best suited to the jungle. When asked to point out any difficulties or shortcomings of Baekho, he simple responded, "to put it simply, there are no shortcomings."

Netizens, who watched Baekho through the show, shared several screenshots of him in his element.

During the program, the cast also referred to Baekho's "new hairstyle" as that of a "wolf or a hyena", one who has "let go of everything from the beginning".

He was also spotted carrying a whole tree by himself, "with tiger mode ON".

He was also seen skillfully finding abalones, "eating them well," and then "sleeping well..."

He had also looked perfectly at home with a makeshift leather poncho.

Prior to his joining the program, Baekho had been asked during interviews on what worries him the most about the jungle. He had responded, "it's my beard. My beard grows a lot and I am worried if I will be able to shave properly.

In fact, when the interviewer remarked that there could be a chance for him to "become an actual 'sexy bandit'," Baekho said, "I grow too much beard, so instead of a 'sexy bandit', I might just become a bandit."

On the community post where netizens shared their reactions, one of the most positively replied comments was: "Wow, I had a feeling that the jungle would suit him but he is having an even better time than I had ever imagined".

The episode featuring Baekho will continue next week on SBS's 'Laws of the Jungle in Chatham'. 

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thesiiiiickest1,211 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 1
Saturday, March 9, 2019

He don't give a FUCK hahaha love that about him, a man's man


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moonie97239 pts Sunday, March 10, 2019 0
Sunday, March 10, 2019

His survival skills in the outdoors make him more attractive in a way that other male idols can't really replicate. Wow. What a man.



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