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'Dispatch' claims Seungri invited 10 female employees from his go-to adult establishment to his all-expense paid birthday party


On February 27, media outlet 'Dispatch' claimed in an exclusive report that Big Bang member Seungri used his private birthday party from 2017 as a trial for what would later become club 'Burning Sun' in Seoul, Korea.

The media outlet reported that in order to investigate the details of Seungri's 2017 birthday party in The Philippines, they met up with females 'A' and 'B', who were employees at an adult establishment in Gangnam at the time of the birthday party. The adult establishment was evidently known as Seungri's go-to location for entertainment, and according to 'A' and 'B', approximately 10 female employees at this establishment were invited on an all-expenses paid trip to the island of Palawan, The Philippines. 

'A' stated, "Seungri oppa came to our establishment often. Same with 'Burning Sun's president Lee Mun Ho. [Seungri] told me that he would be renting an island in The Philippines for his birthday party. He said he was only inviting the 'A class' unnies, and asked me to come. He said that if I were able to bring 'A class' unnies, he would pay all the expenses. About 10 girls went from our shop. There were also unnies from other adult establishments." 

'Dispatch' continued that Seungri's private birthday party (December 9, 2017) at a resort on the island of Palawan consisted of approximately 150 guests, divided into categories such as VIP Team #1, VIP Team #2, Seungri's Representative Guests Team 1, Seungri's Representative Guests Team 2, etc. According to the media outlet, one figure included in VIP Team #1 was a woman called Madame Lin - allegedly an investor for club 'Burning Sun'. The guest list also contained more specific categories including the Taiwanese Model Team, Korean Acquaintances Team, and the likes. 

'B' revealed, "I was invited by Seungri so I went with some friends who were models. Everything was paid for from the round trip flight, the hotel, to the room service, champagne, and all other alcoholic beverages. I was told to just come and party like crazy. It was turned into a resort club. A party happened every night." 

What's more is that according to 'Dispatch's claims, Seungri planned this birthday party with his business partner Lee Mun Ho, with the eventual opening of club 'Burning Sun' in mind. Lee Mun Ho was present enjoying the birthday party in 2017, and 2 months later, 'Burning Sun' opened up in Seoul, 'Dispatch' wrote.

Finally, when 'Dispatch' inquired into the full costs of a private birthday party on the island of Palawan, the media outlet estimated an amount of approximately 540,000,000 KRW (~ 480,000 USD). An individual from the Palawan resort in question told 'Dispatch', "It's true that the Korean singer Seungri used our resort in 2017. In such a case that one person rents out the entire resort, we can provide discounts." 

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A birthday party, where they invited men and women to celebrate..... It sound soooo normal?! So who should he invite?


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