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Reporter, Kang Kyeong Yoon, is coming after Seungri again.


Kang Kyeong Yoon is the reporter behind presentingthe messages from 2015 onKakaoTalk between Seungri, singer 'C', and Mr. Yu from Yuri Holdings. The content of these messages was that Seungri organizedprostitutes for rich Chinese investors. Investor 'B' later participated as the first investor in Yuri Holdings in April 2016.

Since this was publicized on SBS funE YG Entertainment first refused to give a response, but it was later on February 26 that YG responded strongly about the messages being fabricated.

"After confirming with the individual, we attest that this news report in question is based on fabricated text messages; its claims are entirely false."

Since then Naver News have also claimed that these messages were fabricated, firstly because singer 'C' was deleted from the chat and secondly because of the “inappropriate expressions” had been changed in the conversation. Most importantly Naver News also reveled that the police weren't able to secure the original source of those messages. Because the reporter didn't provide any sources, according to Naver News 

Netizens have since the criticized Naver News, claiming that the news site represent YG because of their large ownership in Naver. It was proven that Dispatch had removed singer 'C' from the messages, and SBS funE had decided  to remove the most vulgar comments and therefore changed the “inappropriate expressions”. The question to why police haven't been provided any sources haven't been answered by the reporter or SBS funE yet.

The reporter have earlier stated "There is no reason why I would edit or fabricate the messages. There was absolutely no fabrication or editing, except for the extremely inappropriate expressions that I've purified," and added, "I will actively participate in the investigation if required to do so in the future."

The reporter have said when she guested SBS radio show, Love FM Lee Jae Ik’s Politics Show, on February 27’s that a follow-up report is on its way. This follow-up report is all prepared, but because of the 2nd North Korea-United States Summit, it will not be released yet. 

Once again Kang Kyeong Yoon also claimed that she had no reason to fabricate any information. 

"If I had fabricated it, I would have much more to lose (than win). I would lose everything. And this is the truth."

This journalist has a record of being the first to report about Microdot's parents' debt, Goo Hara's case, several #MeToo cases that were true and the affair of Kang Yongsuk (a politician). Making her a well respected entertainment reporter in the korean society. 

About her current investigation into Sengri she said this on SBS radio show:

If I didn’t intend to fight until the end, I wouldn’t have started it in the first place.”

Edit:  The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission confirmed that on February 22, a whistleblower had submitted the text messages.  The messages suggested a deep connection with the police, so the commission will inspect the materials internally before transferring them to the police or the prosecution for further investigation. They will also consider handing over the materials directly to the prosecution if the connection to the police is found to be deeper than expected.

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Queeeenie540 pts Thursday, February 28, 2019 1
Thursday, February 28, 2019

This reporter should submit her report to the police and have all her sources and evidence ready for inspection. If everything is legit, then it can go public. It needs to be vetted.

Why go down this route? Does she have that little trust in the police? Can the police be paid off to protect rich suspects? It feels like something is missing.


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Fijo79 pts Thursday, February 28, 2019 0
Thursday, February 28, 2019

I think considering all who would benefit from her pushing this agenda, she could benefit greatly down the line.



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