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RBW says they are aware of the protest against MAMAMOO's concert, will go ahead with concert anyway

RBW will be going ahead with MAMAMOO's '4season F/W' concert.

Fans had wanted the label to postpone MAMAMOO's concert because they were concerned about the girls' health. RBW Entertainment admitted that they were aware of the boycott, but announced that they were going to go ahead with the concert nonetheless.

The label said,

Hello, this is RBW.

We are sorry that we were not able to pay attention the opinions of the fans and cause concern.

We are aware and take responsibility of this boycott, and we will be working hard so that this does not happen again by listening to the fans' various opinions and applying them to MAMAMOO's promotions.

The concert '4season F/W' is part of what was planned for the 'Four Season Four Color Project.' Because of this, the bulk of concert planning has proceeded already, and [postponing it] could affect future release dates as well. We must go on with the concert as planned, so please understand.

We apologize for disappointing and worrying fans.

We will put our artist MAMAMOO's health first, and do our best to manage their safety.

Thank you.

What do you think of their response?
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Ah_Chuu644 pts Monday, November 12, 2018 0
Monday, November 12, 2018

I don't like these boycott/company harassment actions. I think people genuinely mean well but it's still essentially trying to pressure the girls to behave in a certain way by using the power fans have over artists' livelihoods and image. That can be used for bad reasons as well as good. At the end of the day, they obviously aren't going to cancel a pre-arranged concert unless it's absolutely necessary. Pushing for it is the wrong way to express concern. No matter what happens with the show, you can bet the company and investors will get paid, but the members may not...

If the members were in support of this then that's another thing, but I haven't heard of anything like that. Maybe they do need a rest but if they do want to fulfill their schedules it's not for fans to try to parent them.



eager_beaver1,042 pts Tuesday, November 13, 2018 0
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Artists' health is an understandable concern, but what do fans really know about what's going on behind the scenes? They always claim to know how the artist are doing, what their schedules are, what their health is, etc., but how could they know that? By following the groups on social media?

Just because a group has a packed schedule does not mean the members don't rest. It could be an indication of that a group is not getting proper breaks, we've seen that before when idols have gotten overworked, but it doesn't mean it's always so. Fans are so used to K-pop groups having few comebacks, that as soon as some idols start getting visibly more active, the fans worry that the idols are worked to the bone. But maybe it's the other way around. Maybe the filled schedules that some groups have are what idols want; they get to work doing what they love without feeling stuck in the company dungeon, while still getting enough rest. On the other hand those groups that are perceived as getting enough rest because they come back once a year might be totally bored, feeling like their careers are not moving forward, and they might have to work part-time jobs to make money.

It's certain that Mamamoo and RBW have been planning this concert for a long time. That means their schedules have also been planned ahead of time to account for the concert and to make sure the artists are ready for it. Why don't fans trust the ability of the artists to manage their time? One would think that especially a group like Mamamoo would be able to have control over their time enough to make sure they rest if they need to. Why would RBW start cancelling a whole concert after months of work just because fans imagine things? Shouldn't fans be happy that a group performs and be supportive of them by attending the performance instead of boycotting them? Leave the time management to the group and the company, and support the artists instead. It's not like sports fans demand that matches are cancelled because they worry that the athletes are tired, right?



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