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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tastiest Korean Snacks to Gift Your Favorite Idol

1. Banana Milk
Banana Milk began as a way to curb malnutrition in the 70s, but since then has been elevated to an everyday staple snack for many! This delicious beverage is sweet and creamy and a total treat for anyone who gets their hands on it!
2. Tteokbokki Snack
Everyone's favorite spicy Korean rice cake dish turned into a yummy crunchy snack! Scared of spicy? Don't worry- these snacks are actually more sweet than they are spicy! Tasty red tteokbokki snacks are crispy and a good alternative to potato chips for those who are deprived of something crunchy to snack on!
3. Honey Butter Chips
If Flamin' Hot Cheetos are an American staple, then Honey Butter flavored chips are the fan favorite of South Korea. The popularity of the flavor has forced retailers to limit the number of bags that customers buy, so be sure to snag some as a nice surprise for your bias!
4. Pepero
You've probably seen idols enjoy pepero when they play the Pepero Kissing game, but they also work as a yummy gift for your favorite artist! Pepero comes in an assortment of flavors so you can buy a different box for each member of your favorite group.
5. Chocopie
LOTTE's Chocopie has been a staple snack for K-Pop fans for years! These tasty chocolate-dipped cakes are light and individually packaged to eat on-the-go! Perfect for your favorite idol to hide away in their pocket and secretly eat when their management is a little too busy to notice.
6. Dried Squid Snack
Is your favorite idol more into something savory and chewy? Dried Squid snacks are perfect! They're kind of similar to how beef jerky is eaten in the sense that the dried squid is snackable is full of protein! Just take it from the squid on the bag- this a seriously delicious savory snack!
7. Binch Cookies
Another delicious snack is LOTTE's "Binch" cookies! These simple chocolate covered biscuits and easy to snack on and work as a delicious after dance practice pick-me-up for your favorite idols! A box of these is inexpensive and perfect for someone trying to stick to their diet, but have a tiny sweet tooth!
This ultra-crunchy, ultra-crispy snack can be roughly translated to "Whale Food". The tasty savory crisp is unlike any snack out there! The taste can only be described as salty, umami, and flavorful and the texture is crunchy but light and airy. A must-try for anyone who hasn't had it before!
9. ORION Tiramisu Cakes
What's better than tiramisu? Tiramisu in an on-the-go single-serving form! ORION's Tiramisu Soft Cup Cakes have coffee cake around a tasty cream cheese filling. It takes every element from the classic Italian dessert and makes it accessible and easy to eat!
10. Sweet Potato Snacks
In America, we have sweet and salty kettle corn, in Korea, we have sweet potato snacks! Made with maple syrup, these strips of sweet potato snack are a great potato chip alternative! Sweet potato is a popular snack that is versatile due to it's ability to take many different forms.

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