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Netizen picks out female idols with the 'cute-sexy' image of their groups

Joy, Sana, Jennie
Recently, a post was created on an online community site by an anonymous user that picked out a few female idols who seem to be in charge of the groups' "cute-sexy" image through their flawless beauty.

Without any further ado, here are the idols the post mentioned:

Red Velvet's Joy

"She is one of few idols whose image changed drastically after losing weight. When I think of 'cute-sexy', I think of Joy first. Her charm comes off naturally from her face alone and is someone anyone who likes."

Black Pink's Jennie

"Maybe it's because she used to live overseas but she has that thing ("it" factor), it might be her foreign unnie style that makes people gravitate towards her more. Even when she has the cute and sexy vibe to her, once she gets into a certain mood, it's all over. There aren't idols like Jennie, seriously."

TWICE's Sana

"Isn't she a rising 'cute-sexy' individual these days? After losing weight, her sexiness went up so much. I think she's the prettiest in the group as well, she has that mix of cute and sexy style in her appearance. From my perspective, she's the best, she's so pretty it's making me curse..."

Who else do you think fits this image?

  1. Joy
  2. Sana
  3. Jennie
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