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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[Drama Review] 'Revolutionary Love' - Episode 13

Siwon, Gong Myung, Kang So Ra
Who would have thought that the star of episode 13 would turn out to be none other than our useless policeman guy! And here I was, thoroughly convinced that the police officer (his character's name is Jang Chul Min, btw) was the most useless character stuck in that tiny apartment complex just for a little bit of romantic spice. Turns out, he's connected to the whole new mystery surrounding the company controlled by the Gangsu group: BS. 

Fangirls be like: "Mr. Taxi Driver, follow that van! I need to be where my oppa is!"

Before we jump to our policeman's heroics in the latter half of episode 13, let's rewind so we can point out that Kwon Jae Hoon (played by Gong Myung) finally learned the truth! All this time, Jae Hoon has been harboring feelings of hatred toward Byun Hyuk (played by Super Junior's Siwon) because he believed that it was Hyuk who caused the car accident when they were young, the very accident that Jae Hoon's father had to take the blame and serve prison time for. But Jae Hoon's dad finally lets the truth out when Jae Hoon confesses his intentions to quit his job at the Gangsu group. Jae Hoon's father wants Jae Hoon to remain good friends with Hyuk no matter what, and Jae Hoon is finally able to come to terms with the fact that Hyuk is a good guy, a guy on his side. 

Whut, you never seen rich lil kids havin' a fancy birthday party in a hotel suite befo'?

It took a very long time for Jae Hoon to finally break out of his confined and unhappy state at the Gangsu group. But thankfully, along with Jae Hoon's revelation came some more delicate sides to Hyuk's personality. Before, if Hyuk came across too much as an ignorant and dumb, selfish chaebol who caused problems, now he's starting to grow more into a caring and kind chaebol who firmly disapproves of his family's ways. And when they were young, both Hyuk and Hyuk's older brother Byun Woo Sung wanted to grow up to not be like their father...

Oh sh*t! This drama literally just went stealth ninja on me! And this isn't even in anybody's imagination!

Back to the main problem at hand. Byun Woo Sung decides that Jae Hoon's fishy actions need to be investigated, and sends a super stealthy ninja spy to find out what Jae Hoon is hiding in his laptop. I was really not mentally prepared for this drama to take such a dramatic and possibly life-endangering turn! But in the blink of an eye, the ninja spy is in Jae Hoon's apartment. The policeman, waiting outside the gates to catch the culprit, sadly get smacked by Jae Hoon's laptop upside the head, and fails to apprehend the guy. Poor policeman. He finally got an episode where he got to be the star, but it had to end with him getting beaten up. 

Policeman dude: "It's finally my time to shine!"

All in all, episode 13 had enough pleasant surprises to definitely convey the message that this drama has not given up, despite what I thought a few episodes back. It took a long time to get this stage, but some of the characters' emotional growth and changes, the plot's intertwined relationships, and where this story is headed - these are some things the scriptwriters really did plan out well in advance, and it's finally shining through. The only scene that I didn't feel had a strong impact in episode 13 was Baek Jun's (played by Kang So Ra) dress up to go to the hotel side note. But now that our three friends have finally decided to trust one another fully and partner up to fight for justice, what'll happen from here? Great improvements in every aspect this episode, and looking forward to more in episode 14. 

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