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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Tuesday, November 21, 2017

[Drama Review] 'Revolutionary Love' - Episode 12

Siwon, Gong Myung, Kang So Ra

Episode 12 of 'Revolutionary Love' turned out to be the first really interesting episode we've had in forever! Hooray!! 

First thing to applaud: In order to prove that Byun Hyuk (played by Super Junior's Siwon) did not receive any bribes from sketchy company presidents and that he was framed, Hyuk, Baek Jun (played by Kang So Ra), and Kwon Jae Hoon (played by Gong Myung) work together to steal back the Hello Kitty USB containing the video footage of Hyuk's visit to the karaoke club. The undercover, James Bond style imagination of the USB hijack had me going, "What ya'll doin'," but I personally thought the real fun part was when Jun even brought on board Hyuk's mom to help with their covert operation! 

Siwon be like: This is no time to do the worm!

Second interesting story development to mention: the drama's ongoing family war dynamic has remained very one-sided up until now, with Hyuk's older brother Byun Woo Sung (played by Lee Jae Yoon) playing the evil mastermind while a bunch of ignorant and clueless protagonists, headed by our brainless Byun Hyuk, had to suffer all the blows without any fighting back. This has now officially changed! Not only has Hyuk decided to take up arms against his older brother for real, but also, we now have the Gangsu Group president Byun Gang Soo jumping into the ring as a player of his own. The rich father wants his sons to fight to the end for dominance to see which deserves to inherit the company. But also, he is not willing to go down so easily and give the company up to either of his sons. This three-way struggle can lead to some pretty interesting developments, if played right. 

Poor baby~

While Kwon Jae Hoon's double date fiasco wasn't exactly something entertaining or enjoyable to watch, it was probably a necessary scene. That's just what you get for keeping all of your feelings bottled up without telling anybody, buddy. Hopefully this incident will act as a wake up call for him, and he'll be more aggressive both in his love life and in his work life. Slowly, he's opening up to the idea of working together with Hyuk, rather than considering him a nuisance. 

Basically, this is how you dance to "Sorry, Sorry" on ice!

The end of episode 12 also leaves us with a brand new mystery, the BS Group. It is a key element that ultimately prevents Kim ahjusshi's school lunch list from receiving a pass (see episode 11), and also seems to be a sort of a trump card Byun Woo Sung has in company affairs... 

All in all, it's good to see 'Revolutionary Love' recovering some of its fun antics we saw in the first few episodes, while also tossing in some bigger fish into the plot line. Largely though, I've noticed that Byun Hyuk's role in the drama seems to have been diminished a little. As great as the other characters in the drama are, I'd like to see more of Byun Hyuk in action. 

Siwon: GASP! Kang So Ra: I need sleep.




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