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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Friday, October 13, 2017

The Best MV Concepts: Friday the 13th Edition!

1. VIXX - Hyde
In VIXX's "Hyde" MV, the group is seen in a spooky castle setting! They take the concept of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and work it into each member by having two versions of them (in black and in white!) with alternating personalities worked into each shot. The more you watch this MV, the darker it gets with the group eventually getting very creepy in imagery towards the end.
2. G-Dragon - She's Gone
An oldie, but a goodie! G-Dragon's "She's Gone" features him as a serial killer and stalker. The female main in this MV spends her time attempting to escape a labyrinth setting, but ultimately meets her demise when she is captured and murdered by Jiyong. This is the perfect Friday the 13th MV!
3. Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus
This is a spooky, late-at-night, circus concept! From oddly synchronized and almost doll-like dance performances to flash shots of creepy zookeepers and other carnival-related people, Sunny Hill gives us the chills with their MV for "Midnight Circus"! The strangest and most eerie part of it all is when the circus tent blows away and the MV shows an old image of the girls pinned to the wall.
4. T-ARA - Lovey Dovey
This isn't like the regular "Lovey Dovey" MV by T-ARA! This is the zombie version! The zombie version kind of serves as a special surprise towards the middle of the MV. As the girls are performing the song, a zombie invasion threatens to break into their performance venue. By the end of the MV, however, some zombies are dancing back-up!.
5. IU - Lost Child
IU's "Lost Child" is a slower ballad than some of the other tracks on this list, however, her backup dancers for her MV have earned her this spot. The dancers for her Lost Child MV are somewhat scary and are reminiscent of Silent Hill zombies. The dramatic MV gives a spine-tingling feeling to its viewers!
6. BTOB - Thriller
Perhaps the title of the track and the MV setting is an homage to Michael Jackson, but BTOB's "Thriller" takes place in a cemetery setting with tons of skeletons! The spookiest part of the video, however, is definitely the glowing eyes they managed to give each of the members!
7. SHINee - Married to the Music
Though SHINee's "Married to the Music" came out in 2015, the MV is still one of the most enthralling in terms of it's 'horror' concept. The MV reads a bit more like a cult-horror film from the 80's and is filled with all kinds of strange imagery! SHINee consistently comes through with fantastic MVs and Married to the Music is no exception!
8. 2NE1 - It Hurts
2NE1's "It Hurts" is the perfect blend of fashion and horror. In fact, the girls look both spooky and fabulous! Dara, in particular, does a great job doing the acting portion of the MV, as well! The whole MV has this eerie feeling that isn't quite easily described unless you watch it!
9. Big Bang - Monster
It would be an absolute travesty to not include Big Bang's "Monster" on our list of spooky, scary, and eerie MVs! Each member of Big Bang represented their own interpretation of a monster for the MV and with explosions and dramatic performance, the video was a huge success. "Monster" is a great example of Big Bang's cinematic and performance capabilities.
10. Sunmi - Full Moon
This sexy and alluring vampire is, in fact, none other than Sunmi! The MV for "Full Moon" includes incredible choreography, as well as, a mini-horror film in a few minutes! Sunmi is so beautiful, it's almost difficult to believe she's a vampire!
11. BOYFRIEND - Bounce
This is Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist! The members of BOYFRIEND raised the level of theatrics in their MV for "Bounce" by introducing tight choreography, awesome costumes, and a tricked out MV set. Their ghastly twist on Alice in Wonderland works for their concept and song perfectly!
12. Happy Friday the 13th!
Celebrate Friday the 13th by telling us below what your favorite spooky MVs are!

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