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Netizens compare Wanna One and JBJ's dorming situation

Wanna One, JBJ
Netizens are comparing Wanna Oneand JBJ's dorms.

Both groups are from 'Produce 101', and while Wanna One is made of the winning top 11 members, JBJ is not too far behind with members ranking from 20-30. However, netizens are commenting that if you look at just the two groups' dorm status, it looks like JBJ ended up as the winners.

Wanna One has a small double-floor dorm, where the first floor is a living room + kitchen space, and the second floor has the bedrooms. While their dorm seems to be slightly bigger than JBJ's, the dorm only has 3 rooms, meaning they have to split the rooms 3-3-5. The 11 boys also have to share two bathrooms. On top of that the Wanna One boys get cheap-looking bunk beds.

Wanna One/IOI dorms:

In contrast, JBJ's dorm isn't much smaller, still has three rooms, and as there are only 6 members, there's only 2 to a room and there's even extra space forKim Yong Guk's two pet cats. While not a double-floor apartment like Wanna One, JBJ's dorm still has a decent living room and kitchen space. On top of that, there are 2 bathrooms for 6 members, and JBJ's beds look much more comfortable than Wanna One's. Some netizens are saying even the floor in JBJ's dorm looks more expensive than the flooring in Wanna One's apartment.

JBJ's dorm:

There is no hate to either group, but most Wanna One fans have expressed their sadness at how hard Wanna One is working, but YMC still provides them with subpar dorming.

Which dorm do you like better?

  1. Wanna One
  2. JBJ
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