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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Thursday, October 12, 2017

[MV & Album Review] GOT7 – '7 for 7 / You Are'


GOT7 – '7 for 7'

Track List:

1. Moon U
2. Teenager
3. You Are *Title
4. Firework
5. Remember You
6. To Me
7. Face

After a slew of solo and subunit activities, GOT7 is finally back again with '7 for 7!' As you might have guessed by now, each tune was co-written at least one member; "Teenager" and "You Are" co-written by JB, BamBam (with Youngjae) co-wrote the lyrics to "Moon U," "Firework" is Jin Young's tune, Yugyeom had a hand in "Remember You," and Jackson, Mark, and BamBam collaborated on the final track, "Face."

The EP is kind of a mixed bag. "Moon U" is a smooth pop tune, with some nice synth washes and the main chorus is a good hook. It's kind of by the numbers pop, with the rap parts placed neatly in the middle. "Teenager" is livelier and more hip-hop oriented and overall an excellent jam. The title track "You Are" sounds a lot like tropical house. That expansive chorus, though, is truly where it shines -- it's definitely a top-down cruising tune. Those vocals are simply uplifting and peerless. 

"Firework" was the closest we get to a ballad here, and they handle it well. It's not overblown, and pretty soothing. Perhaps predictably, it lacks any rap parts. "Remember You" follows right along in the softer vein. It's different from "Firework" in that it actually has rap parts, but they're still placed square in the middle. Those raps are also a bit bland and sing-song. There are a couple half-sung half-rap parts in "To Me." The tune is okay, but it's a little middle-of-the-road and boring. I thought "Face" was going to be slow. It started out soft but became rather anthemic once we hit the chorus. I think the contrast there is what really makes that last song pop.

To me, after all my expectations, it was a bit of a letdown. GOT7 is a hip-hop group (albeit a mainstream one), and I was hoping for more hip-hop-inspired music, like their past singles. Don't get me wrong -- the power of 7 is strong here, and the album is overall more mature and uses their soulful vocals better. I wanted more and there are only a couple of really standout tracks, and one is the title track. Still, I hope they continue to grow as a group. I just hoped for something that hit harder than this.


The MV for "You Are" takes us around Hong Kong. It's entirely appropriate since this is Jackson's hometown. So he should be happy, back in his old haunts.

We see all sorts of things here, from windmills in a field to an evening, lit up cityscape across the water, to rooftops in the waning sun and streets festooned with signs hanging from shops hawking their wares.  Forests and waterfalls complete the scene. It's a gorgeous place and an awesome site for an MV.

I've already said how I'm a sucker for these kinds of MVs. Show me something interesting, instead of the inside of a colored box. And they did. Hong Kong is a wonder to behold, and I hope to make it there someday. This video is part and parcel of that longing, and I totally enjoyed watching it.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........7


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