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Which boy group would you like to join?

After starting a discussion of which girl group fans wish to be on, another post has been uploaded on nate pann with a similar question but this time for the boy groups.

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8 different groups were chosen by a netizen with a short description of each group.

Here is the following list:

1. Seventeen - "Much like their 'Mansae', 'Boom Boom', and 'Pretty U', they have a cool and refreshing concept. Total of 13 members! Each member has their own unique personality. Also able to write and produce their songs."

2. BTOB - "Incredibly talented idols. Their variety skills are on point. Each person is unique in its own way."

3. Big Bang - "Celebrities of celebrities. Popular music and each member is well-known to the public. Successful with their solo promotions."

4. EXO - "Have a variety of concepts and pulls them off. Daesang (grand prize) for 5 years in a row. Amazing point of view from the world."

5. Block B - "Have a strong concept like 'Jackpot' or 'NalinA'. Compared to other groups, the agency doesn't interfere too much with their dating life. Talented and good on variety shows."

6. Wanna One - "(Assuming they won't disband on December 31, 2018) As soon as they made their debut, they swept the charts and music shows. Can pull off different concept styles like 'Energetic' and 'Burn It Up'. Films a lot of commercials."

7. BTS - "Have a concept like 'Wings' and 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life'. They're also very popular overseas. A group that is acknowledged for its incredible performances."

8. WINNER - "Have trendy and refreshing music that you can hum to. Digital monsters and great variety skills. A group that is seen in a positive light by everyone."

After seeing this post, many different opinions popped up that can be read as the following, "BTS for sure, I want to be good at their difficult choreography", "Big Bang without a doubt. Even as a celebrity, I don't think you can live glamorous lives as them", "BTOB because I think they can last for a long time with their great talents", "BTS or WINNER because their songs are my style", and much more.

Which boy group would you join if possible?

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