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A discovery of BTS's possible September comeback concept goes viral

By jennywill   Wednesday, August 9, 2017   118,695   38,453   282



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A fan's discovery of BTS's possible concept for their upcoming comeback has gone viral.

The post that started it all was Jin's selca, holding a bouquet of flowers. He wrote, "Smeraldo", which is apparently the name of the flowers. 

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A flower named 'smeraldo' does not actually exist. However, when a fan looked up the flower, they found that a blog which handles the 'smeraldo' flower exclusively had named their photo 'BTS_smeraldo'.

The blog's source code reveals 'Seokjin Flower' for 'Smeraldo'. Seokjin is Jin's real name.

Also, a flower shop that is apparently the 'only' store to sell smeraldo (remember, a flower that does not exist) features what looks like Jin's handwriting for the flower's saying, which means "feelings [I] could not deliver." This flower shop is planning to open in September, which coincides with BTS' planned comeback. The blog was also opened on the day that BTS revealed their new logo.

The 'foundation day' of the 'Smeraldo Academy' is on Rap Monster's birthday on September 12. It's also the 4th anniversary of the 'Smeraldo Acadamy', and BTS is also 4 years old this year. The attending member so far is named 'Inbloom BTS'.

Fans have also found that the blog will be choosing 7 winners until 10 PM KST on August 15. BTS coincidentally has 7 members, and fans are guessing this may be when teasers begin. 

The blog also tells the story of 7 legends which has to do with the 'smeraldo' flower. One of the legends is about William Ashbless, who is not a real person. However, there is a Wikimedia post about 'William Ashbless' written by ''qkdxksthsuseks". When typed out in the Korean keyboard, this reads "방탄소년단".

Fans are also wondering if the flower made in the 'HwaYangYeonHwa' albums may be the 'Smeraldo' flower.

You can check out the rest of the theory here. Do you think it's reaching too far, or have fans figured out a portion of the concept?

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