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MBK Ent. calls Boram and Soyeon unmannerly and disrespectful for not attending T-ara's concert

By yckim124   Monday, May 8, 2017   154,630   4,894   0



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MBK Entertainment shared their honest thoughts about Boram and Soyeon's absence at T-ara's concerts. 

The two members' contract with MBK Entertainment is soon coming to an end. The label revealed that there will not be a renewal of contracts and also recently announced that Boram and Soyeon will not be participating in T-ara's last album before disbandment. 

Fortunately, fans had the last chance to see all 6 members together at T-ara's concert. Earlier today, it was confirmed that T-ara will be holding their first concert in Taiwan with all members including Boram and Soyeon. However, the latest reports reveal that the two members will not be participating in T-ara's concerts in Hong Kong and Japan on May 20 and 24. 

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To Sports Chosun, a rep from MBK Entertainment expressed disappointment and frustration on their absence, and stated, "Boram and Soyeon notified us about their absence. It is a schedule that's set on the date after their contract termination but it has been planned several months ahead. It is unmannerly of them to unilaterally not attend. It's an act that breaks the promise with the fans as well as the agency."

The rep continued, "We have wished the best for the future of Boram and Soyeon who have promoted as T-ara for the past 9 years. It's unfortunate how things are coming to an end like this. With Boram and Soyeon's absence, the event planners overseas and the agency are going to face severe damage. And out of all, it's an irresponsible act that breaks the promise with the international fans who have waited for T-ara's last promotion as a whole."

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RizalmieHisham Thursday, May 11, 2017

The plan was made under the assumption both girls contract are extended. Now its clear they are not, so both girls don't have to give a f**k even though they may feel bad to their fans. The girls only need to do some their own PR probably via SNS to apologize to the fans.

cmerle1 Tuesday, May 9, 2017

While I understand the company's viewpoint, the fact is that Soyeon and Boram's contracts end the day before the group's concert appearance. Because of this, I can see the company being mean-spirited and withholding any of these two idol's earnings from this concert. Because I'm naturally cautious, I can actually see these two members thinking like I'm thinking and then not appearing for the concert. That's how I see it. Good luck to them and the other members of T-ARA with their future endeavors.

nymeria24 Tuesday, May 9, 2017

they really want to get out of there..., how irresponsable  the  company can be to put something like a concert after the contract is over -.- (i know about the pushing the comeback thing) EVEN SO talk badly of them because they don't want to participate is just beyond words. How disgusting can this company be... putting them on the spotlight to throw rocks at them. Probably these two are retiring from the entertainment bussines after this.. MBK it's definitely the worst company ever

nymeria24 Tuesday, May 9, 2017

and to add: it's obvious that if these girls had been treated well, they would have done the concerts without problem you MBK piece of shit

youTaeyeonOMG Tuesday, May 9, 2017

that's so amazing, this time 4 bulliers bullied two bulliers, the bullying without ending!

youTaeyeonOMG Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ok! enough is enough, T-ara should not only disband forever right away, people should put 4ara in jail asap..

OppaBean Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I stand with BoRam and Soyeon. MBK can take it up the backside. You screw up royally. 1st, adding members when it WAS NOT NECESSARY. 2nd, they were planning to disband T-ara. Did they try to form new contracts with these two, or extended to the end of the year? NO! How stupid can you be that you can't foresee the impact it will have on us fans. Especially a group that has been together for so long. I hope what I've been reading lately is true. That they will form again next year under a new company, when the other 4 members contracts are done with MBK.

jay_t Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ohh common MBK... people already know how SUCKS you are managing your artist... and your "reason" shows a lot about that!

jay_t Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"It is a schedule that's set on the date after their contract termination but it has been planned several months ahead. It is unmannerly of them to unilaterally not attend" -If that reason is NOT showing a completely prove on how MBK is fucking SUCK and unprofessional when it comes to taking care of their artist... I don't know what else!

_CLeO Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Is MBK like rivalling against Pledis to see which company is more trashier? Congratulations MBK, you win.

its_queenbee Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I doubt it?! In my opinion, I think, I guess, maybe the two older member, Boram and Soyeon were really probably excited to attend the events, and their supposedly last comeback as 6 T-ARA (in MBK) but, but,  I'm sure, the old-man KKS might be demanding something from these two to be able to participate?! Trying to be as cunning as most people perceive him (as is popular to some ... hehe) to be?! Apparently, it didn't worked could be as what he is planning(whatever that was maybe?!), resulting to remove the two from the whole event ... (as proud is he is, could be?) permanently in all events?!  And to save his ass and his pride, releasing news to media to disseminate these two lovely ladies of T-ARA, making them look bad to people, fans (Queen's) and to the industry!  Tsss.... Politics in Entertainment! It's all about power and greed!  I hope, these two lovely ladies will be okay ... I'm sure, the old-man will not yet stop after this, knowing that fans (Queen's) and other people in the industry do not believe him! #ibelieveinT_ARAonly

cmerle1 its_queenbee Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I'm like you, I don't trust their company.

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