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Fans are angry over G-Friend's lightstick being too similar to BTS' Army Bomb

By yckim124   Monday, April 3, 2017   352,607   15,293   0



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Fans are angry at the great similarity between BTS and G-Friend's lightsticks. 

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Army Bombs are known to be the official lightstick for BTS. It was first introduced in March of 2015. 

Last month, G-Friend launched their Glass Marble stick.

As you can see, the lightsticks of the two groups share a similar design. Currently, this similarity is becoming an issue to many BTS fans. It's claimed that G-Friend stole BTS' design and fans are demanding feedback from Source Music.

A netizen even claimed that s/he called Source Music several times to officially file complaints about the lightsticks. However, s/he was reportedly given a rude response and ultimately ignored. 

Angry fans commented, "We would appreciate if they give proper feedback on the lightsticks as well as on the rude behaviors of the employees", "Honestly, it's not just the lightsticks. They've copied choreography, outfits, MVs, and songs but never gave any feedbacks. They need to explain this", "Wow that label is terrible. I've never seen an agency react to an issue this way", "Please give feedback Source Music", "It's too similar."

Do you also find the similarities problematic?

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  2. G-Friend (Girlfriend)

ummmm Saturday, May 27, 2017

And actually I haven't heard any i-armys complaining about it so either it's the k-army's or you're making shit up lol

ummmm Saturday, May 27, 2017

In my opinion I can understand why Armys are mad. The lightsticks really do look alike!! If you don't think so then there must be something you're not seeing. For a long time their fandom has been made fun of for a having "a big ball on a stick" and they even had a new version made due to people bullying them. Then Gfriend gets a lighstick that is literally another ball on a stick. I'm sorry I love Gfriend but let's face it the lighstick is very much a copy of BTS's lighstick there's no denying. Maybe because the fandom (ARMY) has a bad reputation and people don't want to admit it, but if it were any other fandom complaining people would be ready to back them up. If you look at the ver 2 of the ARMY bomb and Gfriends lightstick it's very much the same from a far you couldn't tell the difference. I don't think Gfriend should change it because it's very pretty, but if the company did use the BTS lighstick to come up with Gfriend's they should acknowledge it.

Im_Thea Sunday, April 30, 2017

ohhhhh. again bts ,,,,i like them .. but not their fans ... it just too much guys ,,, stop this childish thing .... be like yg fans ... haha....

stangirlgroups Friday, April 28, 2017

yall... it's just a lightstick...

mylon Wednesday, April 5, 2017

m8 gfriends lightstick aint even a lightstick - we have a fuckin snow globe and definately one of the prettiest lightsticks i have ever seen

TaeTaeisLove Wednesday, April 5, 2017

As an ARMY i think this is childish... BTS is still unique right? That's the point!

laugo Tuesday, April 4, 2017

bighit and source are literally across the street from each other and they've also worked together before??? even if it was super similar, it's like the concept of sharing answers- u can't tell me u've never copied an answer or had similar ideas with a close friend or family member?? it's like the concept of working together with a partner at school- you'll have answers that are similar but not exact

Loyalty Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I saw this pic half of month ago and no one said anything. And I don't see a lot of Armys talk about it. But top comments are like "Ugh, armis at it again, BTS copied Bigbang too". So much idiots here.

LveKimTae Loyalty Tuesday, April 4, 2017

haters gonna hate while BTS gonna slay slay slay ;)

Umji_My_Goddess Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Netizens are trash, and so is allkpop.

Marx_Motto Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Allkpop really loves cherry-picking their "evidences" to make this issue bigger than it seems. How pathetic. Next time, any article that starts with "Fans are..." or "Netizens are..." expect that they came from Pann, or other threads filled with douchebags.

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