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[Album & MV Review] Seventeen - 'Going Seventeen'

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, December 7, 2016   30,517   3,475   0



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1. Beautiful (Mix Unit)
2. Boom Boom
3. Highlight (Performance Team)
4. Expect (Hip-Hop Team)
5. Fast Walk
6. Let's See (Mix Unit)
7. Don't Listen (Vocal Team)
8. Smiling Flower

13-member boy band Seventeen is chasing their dreams in 'Going Seventeen.' This is their third mini-album, containing 8 brand new tracks. The exciting news? Every member had a hand in this, though Woozi wrote few all by his lonesome.

The mix team's "Beautiful" is a great song to kick off the album. Right out of the gate, there's a majestic intro, and they waste no time getting into the groove after that. Joshua launches into falsetto in the pre-chorus, simultaneously delivering a great hook. I really enjoyed The8's lines here, as well, he brings an edge to it that I would sorely miss.

"Boom Boom" is their title track, and the whole thing has a kind of boyish charm to it. They may no longer be young and free (well... they're still young), but from this tune you wouldn't know it. It's fun, upbeat, and energetic; what it lacks in impact it makes up for in cuteness. It's bound to be endearing to fans when Mingyu croons "You got me like boom boom."

"Highlight" has some techno nods, though it's still firmly in the pop realm. There are some interesting sounds here, like a thunderous crowd and mechanical chugging for a beat. The way this is built is perfect; the setup amps up the tension for the payoff in the chorus. It's my favorite on this disc, and I enjoyed it more than "Boom Boom."

The hip-hop team's "Expect" was a bit disappointing. Instead of something edgy that spat fire, we got a song that dragged and lagged its way to the final second. The raps were sing-songy, lacking flow and rhythm. They didn't even sound like they were having fun, which sometimes redeems awkward hip-hop. What we were left with was an old-time jazz tune with lackluster vocals. I guess you can say that I didn't expect this.

"Don't Listen" is a tender ballad, heart-rending and all that. But Seungkwan's contributions are where the heartstrings are really pulled. To be honest I was growing weary of the subdued delivery and then he kicked it up a notch. This is a Woozi tune about a guy cutting a girl loose, telling her to ignore him and stay. Great take on the breakup scene.

Seventeen has always flirted with crossing genres -- in fact the band is tailor-made for that. Here, they integrate it into the songs more, which makes this EP more cohesive and less choppy. You don't have the feeling that they crossed into a different style more than actually incorporated it. That plus the fact that they were so involved with this endeavor makes it that much better. The album really doesn't have any filler and is a tight release. This band just keeps on getting better, and truly are going Seventeen.


In the MV for "Boom Boom," the boys are involved in a heist.

You see them plan for it and the buildup to the climax. They have a dizzying array of high-tech toys to play with, like surveillance equipment and drones, all the while ducking security lasers and cams.

They fail.

It's actually pretty fun to watch, like when they botch the job and run away -- or that sweet drone they set up. I couldn't help but laugh as one of them steps over the laser and has to lift his leg with his hands -- that could have been handled with a lot more agility (see "Like A Cat" by AOA). But the highlight of this MV has to be the dancing.  

Whatever the flaws in the drama part, the dancing is what sets it apart. All the signature moves are there that you've seen in the past, plus some new surprises. They move fluidly like they were born to dance, and some of it was done so fiercely you'd swear they hurt themselves in the process. Whatever -- the end result is 13 guys dancing as one and delivering a visual treat.

He from dancing. Yeah, that must be it...

Now what I want to see is an MV where some of the dance moves incorporated into the drama part. Too cheesy? I dunno. Still, I have to give this one a thumbs up on both concept and execution.


MV Relevance..........7
MV Production.........9
MV Concept.............8

Album Production...8
Album Concept........8


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taemaximum Thursday, January 12, 2017

My favourite song is Lean On Me! The lyrics are so cute and I really like how the rap descends into soft sappy singing.. I LOVE the jazz and how funky it is. The showcase was so fun especially when during the lil break where there is just jazz and hip hop unit was dancing omg :')

colorfuloddity88 Friday, December 16, 2016

Did not see a review for Fast Pace or did I just miss it? I was wondering whether the reviewer got pregnant too after hearing that song.

bruhuhu Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Honestly, when I first heard 'Boom Boom', it did kind of fall flat a bit. Since Seventeen's the only group I follow nowadays, I was expecting a bit more from them. Especially considering their earlier hits, with their last single 'Very Nice' with the high energetic dance moves that I wouldn't even dream about doing (seriously boys, the can-can though?). Saying that, I feel like this is refreshing to listen to after loads of candy pop and I personally like that they've experimented with this type of sound that you don't really hear a lot in music, in both Western Pop and Korean Pop. What I would've liked for 'Boom Boom' was Dino's rap part to have a deeper sound, not more hectic and add more instruments but instead play on the 'Boom Boom' sound; maybe have the boom's at different pitches or change up the pattern of the boom's to make it a bit more dynamic. The guitar was a nice too however but I felt like their could've been a bit more. Regarding the MV, I have a strong feeling they'll release a part 2 to it because it never really ended properly, just on Seungkwan sleeping. Did they get the ship in the end? Did they go out to sea? Who knows and I for one cannot wait to find out. Overall, I feel like this is a great mini album and I hope SVT can continue to work hard on their music!Now on to what I actually wanted to talk about; the Hip-Hop Team's 'Lean On Me/Expect'. I just feel like it's been misinterpreted a tad bit, so I wanted to share my take on the song. First of all, a lot of people got confused (I know I did) by the title itself. Don't quote me on this, I cannot speak a word of Korean but 'Expect' and 'Lean On' are the same words I'm assuming, so I took it as 'expect to lean on me' and I feel like the song sends that message out well. The repetitive 'gi-dae' in the chorus reminds me of when you're trying to console someone and you repeat 'I'm here' to them and I feel like they're trying to say 'you can lean on me' in a way. Also, I think that they chose to mellow it down a bit because it makes it feel a lot more sincere. I think if it was the normal Hip-Hop kind of track, it would've lost the meaning of the song, so the jazz complements well with it in my opinion. My favourite part of this track was the delivery to be completely honest. Think of it this way - if you were trying to get through a tough time and someone was shouting at you that they're there for you, it kind of loses its touch right? I feel like they made this song specifically for anyone, from the one time listener to the die hard Carat, to sing along to and express their feelings, through singing along or swaying with the beat. I believe that in a way, for some it might feel like SVT's literally helping them through their hardships, telling them that they can 'lean on' this song, and more importantly, the members.TL;DR - Good mini-album overall and 'Lean On Me' was a great song, don't sleep on Hip-Hop Team :)

curatedbytop bruhuhu Friday, December 9, 2016

thank you! I felt the same way about this track...people straight up expected something "rap" and 17 delivered a surprising but amazingly smooth track <3

MsArchetype Wednesday, December 7, 2016

what's the point of the score if their personal? Everyone has their own opinions on the album. People might think it's a damn 10/10 while others a 3/10 or something.

msalgarynn Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yeaaay. A high score from allkpop!My score would be as high as 9.9 for the MV production. Teir MV is very original, dynamic and  fun too watch. I really like the tone of color they use for this comeback. Bright and colorfoul with high contrast, different with most of korean mv tone (peachy, dusty, or dark high contrast) Really like their title song boom boom and the dance.

msalgarynn Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sorry for so many typos hahaha. *their *colorful

The End



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