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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 1

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, September 27, 2016   26,385   6,110   0



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'The K2' isn't just another run-of-the-mill drama. Episode one shows potential as it boasts an intriguing storyline for the pilot episode, mainly involving the complicated webs spun by the female antagonist Choi Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin already earned the crown of "most cynical character" in my book, as I can already tell she will cater to escalating the tension this drama needs. Despite proving her command over people around her, she is aware of the affairs of her husband, the assemblyman, and still sticks around to do a lot of his dirty work. Moments like this make the extent of her power and the reason for staying with him questionable.

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Regarding the rest of the characters, not much is given to ascertain how cliched they might be. However, Kim Je Ha, played by Ji Chang Wook, reveals through his actions that he has a strong sense of justice, so he often gets involved in trouble unintentionally. Meaning, as a victim of the "wrong place, wrong time" phenomenon, he finds himself in situations where he feels he has no choice but to involve himself because of this hero complex. Je Ha seems to have some sort of combative history, which is vaguely revealed by a J.S.S Security member during an investigation leading J.S.S to believe he is back in Korea.

Anna, played by Girls' Generation's YoonA, seems a bit deranged and totally helpless, but after witnessing the murder of her mother and being held captive by Roman Catholics in Spain, could you blame her? At least she learned enough Spanish to impress viewers as she shouts for a train ticket during one of her many bold attempts to escape.

Yoo Jin's ruthlessness is not surprising for the viewers. From the start, something feels off about her kind demeanor. She effortlessly dons the fake, gentle-heart, ahjumma mask during the drama in order to cover up the fact that she is plotting more than she wants to reveal. Although, something tells me her small fake acts of kindness will lead to her demise, specifically when Yoo Jin lets a young girl take a picture of the cookies she made by her handbag in her dressing room.

The assemblyman, Jang Se Joon, is another power hungry, greedy ahjussi. Falling flat in impressing me, he is another typical Korean male who asserts dominance but will get his just desserts sooner than later. He seems to be on many women's hit list as the woman he sleeps with (a total ahjussi sex scene I was not expecting nor prepared for) is shown lacing his wine. There is a lot of questionable tension between him and his wife Yoo Jin, especially as he remarks their "contract" towards the end.

Characters aside, the drama has a great storyline but the action is mild for my taste in this pilot. While some of the action scenes can become a bit overzealous and played out, it isn't horrible. However when I think of action scenes, like in 'City Hunter,' I expect more gun showdowns, car crashes, and intense chase scenes. Sadly, this drama fell a bit flat so far in offering that. The sole chase scene we are given is YoonA (Anna) running barefoot through Spain, with no one on her tail mind you, and a showdown only occurs when Je Ha encounters the S.W.A.T team Yoo Jin sends after him. Although, even that scene was a bit tame as it really focuses on melee-style fist fights, and taser guns. Lame.

I know it isn't the Bourne trilogy, but I need something to make me shout "Mercy is for the weak!" I'm not violent, but if I'm watching an action-packed drama, I expect top notch. While the multiple fight scenes grab some attention and transition well, I'm always someone who can go for a little more read-between-the-lines dialogue.

The most interesting tidbit so far involves the live interview of Yoo Jin and Ji Yeon, who both seem to share a battered past. Whether friend or foe, Yoo Jin doesn't take too kindly to Ji Yeon's rehashing of her political, chaebol lifestyle as Ji Yeon even questions her marriage and wealth. To further prevent Ji Yeon's invasiveness, Yoo Jin slyly threatens her about her son off camera. I smell the new, hated sinister lead! Every K-Drama has that one bish, and Yoo Jin is that bish.

Episode one has very little dialogue in the beginning and continues to follow that trend throughout specific scenes.Moments like Anna walking in on her mother's death, her capture and departure to Spain, and even scenes involving Je Ha returning from Spain and living a 'normal' life back in Seoul all depend on the cinematography. The silence builds up a lot of visual tension as you pay close attention to the action more than the script. The cinematography also seemed to be showing how the director of 'The K2' seemingly enjoys the beautiful architecture of Spain and Roman Catholic religion quite often.Alongside the choir-like soundtrack, this really pushes that spine-chilling, creepy religious vibe here and there.

All in all, the first episode does keep viewers interested as it ends with a real cliffhanger when Je Ha heads towards the airport after beating an entire S.W.A.T team (effortlessly, as you may have already guessed) and the Assemblyman threatens Yoo Jin about his, daughter, who is revealed to be Anna, and their "binding contract."

Context such as each person's full identity, story, and involvement with others isn't revealed easily in episode one, leaving us biting our fingernails wondering "Who is Je Ha really? What are Yoo Jin's ties with Anna? And why are people out to kill the Assemblyman?" While the show seems it will waste no time in answering these questions later on, viewers are left in suspense for what's to come in episode two of 'The K2.'






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cococcchanel Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anna was chased by Spanish police officers, which was revealed after Je Ha had entered the scene. So, there was someone on her tail mind you.

beautiful_flower Tuesday, September 27, 2016

please k2 need more high rank

akanchar Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thumbnail is from Episode 2 and you are reviewing episode 1.. SMH .. -.-

ukookie Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My love, Ji Chang Wook <3

LeeJuniel123 Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's one of the most action KDrama I have ever watched and I'm liking it so far. Still waiting for that OST to release!!! >.<

2fat Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It was a solid beginning for a kdrama. You can't expect them to pull out all the action stops in the first episode. Can Allkpop please find themselves a reviewer that actually watches Kdrama and has a real grasp on it's strengths and limitations? Jeez.

Wiiam_Bh 2fat Tuesday, September 27, 2016

That's what i wanted to say, i haven't watched it yet but you can't start judging the action and it's intensity or competence (Tame or not) right from the first episode..

The End



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