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Netizen next tries to claim that BTS copied Big Bang

By jubilantj   Monday, May 2, 2016   140,702   27,545   0



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Netizens are just refusing to let up with all these copying/plagiarism accusations, and BTS are in the thick of it all. 

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Seventeen was recently accused of copying BTS, then BTS was accused of copying SHINee, and now, BTS is accused of copying...Big Bang

One netizen uploaded various captures of BTS and Big Bang members at the '2015 MAMA,' captures from "Sober" and "That XX," and pictures from BTS's past promotions. Additional pictures make a side-by-side comparison of the similar fashion between Big Bang and BTS members. 

The netizen wrote, "Source is from Twitter. I'm a Big Bang fan, and I've held a deep interest in BTS. Their reaction was great during award ceremonies and they even went to [Big Bang]'s concert. But am I really the only one who sees the similarities?'d all give me thumbs down and call me an idiot." 

Unlike what the OP believed, it seems many people actually agree with the claim that BTS copied Big Bang.

The top comments read, "Looks similar?" "I don't know about everything else but I get the feeling every time I see the '2015 MAMA' stage outfits; they're not common outfits but the necklace and the jacket are exactly the same," "They do look similar. With their faces covered, I thought they were the same group," and, "Wooooow, I heard they plagiarized their lyrics too, they really are something." 

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RiahDeJesus Monday, May 15, 2017

why are people or antis bashing BTS. Not like the group did anything for you to bash them. i mean for god's sake stay in your lane. If you don't like our fandom don't comment. What if I wear the same brand name as you will that be considered plagiarism? No right? Just remember this. BTS' Idol is Bigbang they look up to the group of course they'd want to be as cool as their hyungs. Have you seen BigBang's reaction to BTS' performances? They look like proud older brother's for their younger siblings. The artists who you think are being offended are not at all offended by what other co-artists are doing. if they were ever offended they would immediately shout it to the world am i right? So please just stop the hate.

real_talk_16 Sunday, March 5, 2017

fine think of it as being copied. i'm waring a shirt right now and your wearing a shirt... im wearing undies your wearing undies too does that mean i'm copying you???????? answer please...

soohyunLeeLove Thursday, February 23, 2017

LOL.. lets just said BTS cant work out their own concept and style... MV concept,outfit, stage concept, what else? we're not talking you cant wear something the same like them.. you can wear as bandara fashion, when you're going out,  but wear it and use it for your own MV production, music production, stage performance... its a shame for an artist to do that.. artist who work on their music should work on their MV concept, stage concept and what style they gonna use in their music video.. because they are the one who produce the music, they are the one who know the meaning of the song, usually the creative producer and stylist will share their idea together with the artists.. now they said we cant blame BTS? so they dont share any idea? its not their fault? its just stylist decide this style will be good for their music while he isnt the one who produce the music? can I laugh now? BTS really isnt look like artist we should respect at all.. they dont take responsibilty while its their own performance.. why we should respect a group like this? its always fans who talk, where are them?

gotseven4lyfe soohyunLeeLove Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What the fuck? Fix your grammar, please.

gotseven4lyfe Thursday, February 23, 2017

Don't blame BTS, they did not get to decide what to wear or do. Thanks.

Leta_Lui Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Let's just say that BigBang are trendsetters and leave it at that hahaha

soohyunLeeLove Leta_Lui Thursday, February 23, 2017

not all BIGBANG members all trendsetter when it comes to fashion.. they even do it in a really exactly same way... that jacket that seungri use, they use it in performance? people wont really comment if they use it as their airport fashion or when they going out, but use it in MV production or as part of their performance, its really a shame for an artist to do that

mmmaria Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lol, even Bambam has the same jacket. I don't think you can blame BTS for copying BIGBANG based on their clothes, because if you haven't noticed, these days all k-pop idols look almost the same. I can't say anything about the other claims though.

Tomo17 Saturday, August 6, 2016

BIGBANG my first K-pop group ever I love them to bits BTS great lyrics and hidden meanings I love them both and if I had to pick a side I rather die , now I do confess almost EVERY idol group has little,immature,rude,and perverted fans and yes by that I mean BIGBANG and BTS and so on ,I've seen it almost everywhere YouTube twitter facebook instagram , I'll get straight to the point now fans who don't know how to control themselves should just keep their mouth shut and keep their opinions to themselves this goes to all bad comments that will create more problems yes I get maybe you have no conscience  and if your just a 'netizen' find something better to do with your life because all your causing is more problems, sometimes I think that hate comes from jealousy because you don't have what some people have and it all turns into anger and we're does that go straight to your target, bow when I first got into K-pop I thought OMG this is cool everyone is so supportive....nuh uh.... Weeks later I found the dark side of the comment section all comments of hate and other really mean things, the thing is here that we all have to have some self control BTS looks up to BIGBANG EVERYONE AT LEAST BTS AND SOME BIGBANG FANS MUST KNOW THAT. Now fashion is just clothes if you buy a nice shirt that is cute and there are like what 20 of them different sizes of course your gonna find more people wearing the same Shit the thing that should be important is THE MUSIC LYRICS THISE THINGS big bang is an amazing idol group their like the kings of K-pop and who wouldn't want to follow in their footsteps , please understand that before you judge any idol group think how your comment will affect others keep yourself in check and the immature fans to all of the mature fans out there thank you I know there are some amazing fans and each idol group must be proud to have you as their fan thank you for caring and being supportive fighting!! To all the immature fans stop it's time to stop think before you speak please were all tired of all these problems same goes to the netizens

C0R7Y Tomo17 Friday, February 24, 2017

I agree with you 100% people need to stop being so immature when it comes to K-pop, it really sucks to be a K-pop fans when fandoms love picking fights with one another. I support and follow a lot of groups and when things like this happen it's horrible because people want you to pick a side. I wish the crazy K-pop fans would grow up and just learn to enjoy the music and people because this is stressful. I usually choose to stay out of and keep quite about things like this and I'm glad you wrote this.

Jacqck Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Since when did outfits and style matter between these groups? I've seen groups using same moves as others and netizens don't give a damn because it's a dance move. So the way you treat dance moves, you should treat the same to outfits. So what's the reason of companies to make one thousand of the same shirt? Because they people to wear it so that they can match each other without realizing. BTS does look up to Big Bang so I wouldn't be too surprise to see some similarities here and there. I'm an ARMY and seeing these type of article makes me sick. Just leave these groups alone.

eizenkcam Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I think style wise, they like to copy or get inspiration from GD/Big Bang. Like in one of their Weekly Idol episodes, Jimin wore the exact outfit straight down to the shoes of GD's outfit. A black-white stripped long sleeved t-shirt with a picture on the lower left side of the shirt, black jeans and black shoes.

Liliana_Tigra Monday, June 13, 2016

Im vip and i dont care at all about army or bts or anyone(actually i dont have any idea who are them i only know *armys* from ig salty post other fandoms used to make fun of them mdr) because the only thing i care is bigbang and top-sshi's killer voice and it cant be imitate so, bye

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