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Kangin gets bombarded with hate comments following his DUI incident

People are in shock and disbelief over Kangin's latest DUI incident, which is all the the media is buzzing about at the moment. 


The shock was especially great considering that this is the second time Kangin was caught in a drunk driving incident. From the general negative reaction of the public, it appears people are not feeling so forgiving about Kangin's slip-up.

The animosity toward Kangin can be clearly witnessed on his personal Instagram, which is now inundated with hate comments. 

People commented, "Will you only stop after you've hurt someone?" "Please don't be a handicap to the team and withdraw from the group. I hope the police and courts won't let you off easy just because you're a celebrity and clout you with a proper sentence," "Please don't ever be celebrity again," "Jfc, so annoying," "Why is an idol acting like this lmfao please, please Kim Young Woon, come to your senses," "Why do you live your life like that," "SM, just indict him or kick him out already!" "Should've just called a designated driver instead of driving after getting plastered; I thought you learned your lesson just leave with Sungmin is this a concept or something please get ahold of yourself," and, "It's a relief that it was just a street lamp and not a person......that would have been murder I tell you...why the hell would you drive after drinking? Our country seriously needs to severely reprimand drunk driving, f*ck." 

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Monday, November 25, 2019

To all who are struggling now I just want to say that you can do it. I know you can overcome and surely there are people that are there for you who can help you. Even when you feel alone know that there is support and people care.


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