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Posted by ssarahWho0 pt Monday, August 17, 2015

K-pop's 10 worst idol group debuts

Block B, Girl
10. Rainbow - Gossip Girl
Maybe it was the fact that their pronunciation of "gossip" was plain wrong or that their debut was too typical and plain amongst the other girl groups debuting during the hot year of 2009 (think of 2NE1, After School, T-ara), but Rainbow's "Gossip Girl" did not fare well. It's still a shame that Rainbow hasn't received the spotlight that most of their peer girl groups have, but the group is still active today, proving their musicality and consistency to their fans.
9. Wassup - Wassup
Does anyone have this song on their music player and listen to it on a daily basis? Sincere question! 'Cause I can't possibly imagine listening to this song like I do with my other K-pop goodies. It just sounds too all over the place, and the same goes for the music video. Besides the music, Wa$$up marketed themselves as the twerking group for South Korea, except we really didn't get much twerking from the choreography. I feel that the only way a group can pull off this type of concept is for them to truly own it. I was only able to count one member who seemed to OWN the song and dance, and that's Nada.
8. ZE:A - Mazeltov
This song was Rebecca Black's "Friday" for South Korea. With a typical K-pop music video backdrop, typical K-pop attire, and a not-so-special track with overdone autotuned vocals, this debut was made even worse with its repetitive cringe-worthy lyrics.

"Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl."

"Mazeltov, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)"
7. Block B - Freeze!
Oh gosh, this was another one of those videos that made everyone sick and tired of all the K-pop groups coming out with the same outfits, cars, and flashy MV sets. Plus, can we just take a look at those hand gestures and movements we all know too well? But what a transformation right? Block B is looking great, and I hope for Zico to never go back to that puff ball hair-do.
6. Stellar - Rocket Girl
Stellar was a group that garnered attention before their debut, thanks to the fact that they were being produced by Eric of Shinhwa. For those who remember correctly, they did not live up to the hype. The futuristic electronic dance track and synthesizer was quite fine in their debut track "Rocket Girl," but the opening rap itself killed the whole song. It did not have the power to impress the audience who were already being bombarded with waves of idol groups during that time. Stellar's debut was not too stellar, but we're finally seeing some powerful vocals and choreography in their most recent songs like "Vibrato." The right song really makes the group!
5. U-KISS - Not Young
U-KISS debuted in 2008 with "Not Young" and it was so atrocious that even the members themselves admitted that they don't ever want to revisit that old old memory. Personally, it's kind of adorable seeing the members trying really hard, and the song itself has a pleasant and bubbly tune… But still, let's be real. As unique and talented this group is, you can't help but to feel embarrassed when watching their debut MV and performances. Kudos for the members who tried really hard (with an afro) speaking these words, "We're the new kids on the block, ya heard~" with their best ghetto accents… Also, the group came out stating that their name U-KISS stood for: Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star. Sigh.
4. Nine Muses - No Playboy
When Nine Muses debuted with "No Playboy," it lacked any positive reviews. The CEO himself stated how the problem was a mixture of the wrong song and choreography, and the girls' lack of practice and confidence. Their debut was so bad that it was probably impossible to imagine during that time that they would ever come this far: now popular and widely recognized. Since their debut, the group has gone through numerous member changes and visible improvements. They are now known for their knife-like dancing, catchy songs, and of course, their beautiful model looks.
3. Girl's Day - Tilt My Head
Girl's Day?! Really?! Yes. In 2010, Girl's Day was making their way into the K-pop scene surrounded by high expectations. They generated such a huge buzz, that their debut actually served as one of the biggest disappointments. It wasn't just mere disappointment due to high expectations, however. Honestly, their debut song just sucked, period. "Tilt My Head" with its clownish costumes and autotuned vocals left people somewhat confused. It did not do the girls justice whatsoever. But hey, they quickly switched their direction and were able to showcase the talents they do have and they've proved to be one of the biggest K-pop girl acts today.
2. Super Junior - Twins
Don't kill me guys! Let me explain. We all respect Super Junior and have to agree that they are one of the most legendary K-pop groups of this generation. Can I also mention how legendary their debut music video was? Legendary and awfully hilarious when you watch it now. I sometimes wonder how the members would react when faced with watching this precious gem. K-pop in 2005 was in that awkward stage where they were transitioning from G.O.D/H.O.T hair looks to today's hair, which explains the crazy hair. Most importantly, let's appreciate Heechul here.
1. M.O.A - I'll Call Ya
Aside from all the groups that had a bad debut but was able to turn it over with their different concepts and efforts, there are just some groups that were not able to find recovery… This is a perfect example. I don't think I have to explain much for this group, just watch their music video.

  1. Block B
  2. Girl's Day
  3. Nine Muses
  4. Rainbow
  5. Super Junior
  6. U-KISS
  7. ZE:A
  8. Stellar
  9. Wassup
  10. M.O.A
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