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'Dispatch' reports on insiders' perspective into the conflict between Girls' Generation and Jessica

Media outlet 'Dispatch' is offering a different perspective into the Girls' Generation vs. Jessica situation that has come to light. They say they've interviewed 3 insiders who have watched closely over the members and they've shared their insight into what has been going on.

The first few batch of questions centered around whether Jessica was told to leave or whether she informed them she was leaving.

The insiders say it's both. Jessica apparently repeated frequently that she wanted to leave back in January and July. In January she said "I want to get married", she'd let it slip to her members that she was discussing it with the agency. Then in July after their Japanese concert, she had apparently mentioned, "I don't think I can do this anymore. Although it's regretful, I think I have to find my own life." The insiders say she didn't show much determination with Girls' Generation activities, and spoke more about her future regarding going to study abroad, looking for schools, starting her fashion business, and becoming a designer after she quits the team. The members were surprised but they thought it wasn't something they could do anything about. However, they as well as SM had asked Jessica that if her plan was to get married next year and start her own business, to at least focus her efforts on the last album they will release with her.

This raised the question of did Jessica then do her very best for Girls' Generation's following activities?

The sources apparently said although Jessica may have tried to, she was in a situation in which she was just too busy to focus all her effort on Girls' Generation. She did a lot of work with Tyler Kwon, and she launched 'BLANC' in August. She had to go back and forth between China, Hong Kong, and New York to carry out her personal schedules, and she was in New York with Tyler up until the day before Girls' Generation had to leave for their Chinese fan meeting.

So what is her relationship with Tyler Kwon? 'Dispatch' says the insiders told them that the ring on Jessica's hand from 'Tiffany & Co.' is a ring that symbolizes their engagement. Jessica had told her members that she had planned to hold a wedding in October in Hong Kong. Showing his devotion, Tyler also accompanied Jessica to all of her schedules including following her to China and Hong Kong as well as New York during the time she was shooting 'Jessica & Krystal'.

The media outlet then asked these sources whether anyone opposed Jessica launching 'BLANC'. The sources responded that nobody opposed it, but nobody knew she would start it this fast. They were all under the impression that she was going to start it after getting married, so of course it came as a shock when Jessica apparently surprised launched it in August. The shocked members then asked Jessica to make one thing clear, to not make her fashion business her main interest, aka not to be negligent of Girls' Generation. SM also worried about Jessica's new business due to concerns that it could become a business that used Girls' Generation's popularity to sell goods to fans. However, there was nothing in her contract with the agency that forbade her from starting her own business. 

She also prepared for her life after Girls' Generation and had set up plans to go study abroad in New York, get married, and expand her business. This meant she needed to quickly put together her portfolio as a designer, which is why she had hurried the launching of her brand. Since she's conducting the business with Tyler Kwon, she is also always with him. She also didn't have much of a choice but to put her main focus on her personal affairs rather than Girls' Generation activities. It was at this point when the members asked her to make a decision.

It was then asked, did Jessica's position suddenly change since she apparently said she wanted to leave the group on her own before? 'Dispatch' revealed that they actually received a tip that Jessica and Tyler had visited the lawfirm Sejong (as previously reported then denied) and they were indeed able to spot the two there. However, what they were consulting about is not known, but the media outlet says it is clear that it was after this visit that Jessica had changed her mind. She had told her members, "If it's okay with you guys, then I want to continue Girls' Generation even after marriage..."

The 8 members had initially said okay to her marriage and to her business, they respected her dreams. However, they asked that she respect the members and the fans by continuing with her plans starting after their main promotions were over. But, the members decided with the situation how it is, their long term fan meeting tour, their last album, etc. could not be done properly. Thus, they held a meeting with Jessica in September and asked her to make a choice. After meeting about 2-3 times, Jessica left for New York. This left the members and Jessica unable to continue conversing, and ultimately, the decision was made that they could not continue activities this way.

Jessica did return right before the day of the fan meeting, and she believed that she did everything she was supposed to do. However, to the other members, they felt that Jessica had already made Girls' Generation her second job rather than her main focus.

So do the members have any issues with Jessica making money outside of the group? The insiders say no. The members don't care about money. However, it can't be ignored that there are also financial risks for the members as well if Jessica's marriage story becomes known. It's said because of this secret, they had to stop doing new advertisements as a whole group. Even if they received an offer, they could not accept, presumably due to potential problems that could come about if the advertisers raise an issue with Jessica and her marriage.

Is there a chance that Jessica could rejoin the group? Insiders say it's about a 10% chance that this may happen. The conditions for her returning to the group is first of all for Jessica to change her priorities. However, the sources say the situation has gone too far for this, she is too involved with Tyler as well. There is also the possibility that Jessica could request to go solo or start acting, however, considering the time for preparation, it's not likely to happen right at the moment.

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