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EXO's Kris seeking to nullify contract with SM Entertainment

By serendipity   Wednesday, May 14, 2014   1,128,123   59,670   0



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Shocking news has come for the fans of EXO as it has been reported that Kris is asking SM Entertainment to nullify his contract.

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News broke in Korea that according to a report by a Chinese media outlet, Kris is asking for his contract to be terminated and has filed a lawsuit at the Seoul Central Court.

Specific details aren't mentioned, but the Chinese media outlet reports that the reasons are similar to that of Hangeng and Super Junior's previous situation. It is suspected that there is disagreement between him and SM Entertainment regarding his activities. [Update - According to several reports, Kris's side has claimed that the idol is being treated as an object rather than being respected as an artist. They also mentioned that SM one-sidedly decided on the schedules, not giving thought to Kris's opinion or his health condition. As they believe that SM is restricting Kris from his basic human right to freedom and his choices career wise, the contract should be nullified.]

A few Korean media outlets have contacted the court regarding this but a rep from the court is said to have said that there is no record of a suit being filed against SM Entertainment. In response, the Chinese media outlet has said that the suit has not yet been filed, but that Kris will be heading over to file.

There is so far no official from SM Entertainment regarding this report, so stay tuned for updates.


[Update 1] - Many fans have sent us tips saying that SM Entertainment has already denied the report and released a statement, but the original report that contained SM's statement has been changed and no longer includes the statement (you can see it here). The media outlet also changed the article's title so that it no longer reflects their previous content. We do not know the reason for the change, but stay tuned for an official statement to come.

[Update 2] - According to a report by 10Asia, they have spoken with the Seoul Central Court and it has been said that a lawsuit has been filed. "A suit regarding the termination of the contract has been submitted under Kris's Chinese name on the 15th... As it has just been submitted today, it has not been completely processed through the system." The media outlet states that SM is currently not responding.

[Update 3] - Images of Kris's submission to the court has been spreading, and SM Entertainment has finally responded to say, "We are trying to confirm the facts regarding the lawsuit requesting for the termination of Kris' contract. It is a very shocking issue, but we will do our best so that EXO's activities will go on smoothly." It's also being said the same lawyer who represented Hangeng will be representing Kris.

[Update 4] - Lawyer Cho Bum Suk of the law firm Hankyul, who represented Hangeng in his case against SM, will be handling Kris's case. The law firm rep confirmed with media outlets, "It is true Kris has filed a suit today (15th) against SM Entertainment for the nullification of his contract... Lawyer Cho Bum Suk, who represented Hangeng, has picked up this case."

The law firm has also expressed that their intention is to quietly handle this case without revealing specific details to the public.

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lovethaoxoxo Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I almost forgot he left :(

maisy_vlk_pmj Saturday, September 19, 2015

the saddest thing Is I forgot what it feels like for him to be a member.

ygbaby21 Wednesday, August 13, 2014

miss your smile :)

cookiestrd2eatme Monday, August 4, 2014

First time I see Kris be assertive and Its a complint to SM. Well, okay I'll go crawl into a small hole and wait for your new movie 'Somewhere Only We Know' to come out subbed (which will be...sigh...forever)

lee_na Friday, July 18, 2014

Yi fan´s new song is beautiful. ;

Vanessa03 Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pls ... Come Back ;

ericbroadway Wednesday, June 25, 2014

i dont get why he gets to leave?? there are other SM idols who work just as hard as him. he joined SM, got plastic surgery, made music for about 2 years and then decides to leave because its "too hard". hes such a pussy, im glad hes leaving EXO.

hind_a Saturday, October 11, 2014

Late reply , but let's start with correcting ur fucking information , 1- he never had plastic surgery , 2- they didn't let him go home even when they were on a break and have no schedules , 3- you're such a pussy , he was brave enough to leave SM after all the years that he had dealt with SM's shit , and now it's Luhan , look how most of the people are congratulating him on his freedom ! Are u happy now that Luhan is leaving too ? Hope you're satisfied more like hope you're regretting what u said before , someone like is not really a true fan , all u have to do is just get the heck out of here

Daraismylife Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You're disgusting, blegh

Seii Friday, June 20, 2014

If i had a chance to meet kris and share my feelings on the sue against SM entertainment i would tell him that he made the right decision because he should stand up for himself and what is right and that SM should not treat anyone as an object and i will always remember him even thought he left and that i think its right because i want him to be able to enjoy his life, always smile, laugh, be happy, and i don't ever want him to have to force a smile. I wanna be able to protect his smile no matter what and support him in whatever he does. ;

hadoolibap Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 days and this will complete 1 month !!!

OMG ;plese oppa comeback we miss you

ygbaby21 Monday, June 9, 2014

kris i miss you !!

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