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Rapper B Free allegedly disses boy group BTS leading to fury of fans

Rapper B Free may have gotten more than he bargained for when he directed some comments toward boy group BTS' rappers Rap Monster and Suga during an event.


It has been reported that B Free made some kind of diss about BTS' Rap Monster and Suga and the boys' makeup during a joint appearance on 'Kim Bong Hyun's Hip Hop Invitational 1st Anniversary Broadcast' held at a cafe in Mapogu, Seoul on the 21st.

Apparently his comment raised the eyebrows of the BTS fans present, but it's not clear what was exactly said as it has just been passed on from fan to fan by word of mouth. With word spreading, BTS fans set out to release their anger on B Free through SNS means, demanding that he apologizes.

In addition, BTS' producer Bang Shi Hyuk tweeted, seemingly in regards to the situation, "I think that speaking what's on your mind is the basic attitude of hip hop. But no matter what the genre, shouldn't you know when the time or place is or isn't appropriate? It was another's party to celebrate their one-year anniversary. If you can't keep what you have to say to yourself, wouldn't it be better to not come on?"

Rather than remaining silent about the situation, B Free tried to explain to the angry fans tweeting him that it was just his nature to poke fun, writing in English, "Truly bless to have come from nothing and have people talking about me. only makes me want to work harder and make better music and maybe i can be a better person in the process. i just make fun of things from a perspective where if a man wears make up and dance like lady gaga, i just meant to make fun and that's it."

After some time of retweeting angry fan comments and responding in a joking manner back at some of them, he also wrote, "Ah today was enjoyable! The fact that I have this much of an effect on this many people! Anyways, if you're truly still thinking about what I said for more than 20 minutes, I honestly suggest that you go find yourself a boyfriend." 

He also took to his Instagram to share a photo of BTS fans from the event with the caption, "Calm down..."

When contacted about the matter, Big Hit Entertainment responded, "We weren't at the scene so we will have to look into it."


[Update] - Although not directly aimed at B Free or the situation, Rap Monster has recently dropped a track with some strong lyrics expressing his current state of thoughts, some of which fans believe are pointing out B Free's comments that allegedly came off as him not taking idol rappers seriously.

Rap Monster uses Drake's "Too Much" as the base and adds in lyrics like "I just wanted to rap, you said I'm a puppet, f*ck I'm not. There are so many, too many thoughts. I'll pause and wait, these unceasing waves of past thoughts. Yeah I'm a monster, once I've become a monster, I can no longer be human. I can never be human like you again. Even if that's the reason that people diss me, whether I'm an artist or an idol, don't give a f*ck this is my life. Whether this becomes porridge or rice, it's the table I laid out for myself";


"Yeah I'm a f*cking monster idol. young fans hate me cuz I'm a f*cking monster. Hip hop fans also hate me cuz I'm a f*cking idol rapper who can't come to their concert. Yeh right? Relieved now, right? So how you doin' b*tches. I make quite the money fine thank you and you b*tches. Every time there was an interview you said to me 'find your happiness'. But even now, I'm still sometimes confused about whether I've found my happiness. Doing music that I wanted to do, being able to say the things I've wanted to say, the moment I waited for, the fact that I can attain the dream I was desperate for... I clearly achieved my dream, yet I stand there hesitating. I've included here the thoughts of mine, of someone who's just had a lot on his mind and has been craving for something."

You can check it out for yourself below.

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