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Confessions of an Uncle Fan: The Series (episode 27)

By miketastic   Tuesday, October 15, 2013   30,649   159   33



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Happy Tuesday after Columbus Day or as I like to call it, "The Day That I Always Think I Have Off But Really Don't". It's been a busy week for the Uncle Fan but as always, I've been trying to keep up with the latest news from the world of girl groups. Here are some of the items that were on my radar this past week.

Cool Things of the Week

Really Quick Review: 'The Heirs'

I haven't been watching any Korean dramas recently but decided I would start up again with the premiere of the drama, 'The Heirs'. Starring the always brooding Lee Min Ho, deceptively sexy Park Shin Hye, and a whole slew of idols (Krystal, Hyunsik, Minhyuk), the drama centers around the have and have-nots of the world and the complicated issues that all young adults experience whether wealthy or not. This drama is pretty much the cliched, trite story of the sweet poor girl who meets the bad boy rich guy (who secretly wants to love and be loved) who has some history with a mean rich girl, who of course is jealous of the growing relationship between the poor rich girl and the bad boy rich guy (see: Classic Korean Drama Love Triangle). Having said that, I've never turned down a good Korean drama so I gave it a shot and my initial review of the first two episodes is that they were boring. I just didn't find anything particularly interesting other than a side story involving two older actresses. My rule of thumb is to always give dramas at least four episodes so we'll see how this week plays out... but so far, not a really auspicious start to a very hyped show.

Tiffany = De Facto Interviewer/Tour Guide for Big Time Foreign Actors

I read that Tiffany would be interviewing Tom Hiddleston (Loki from the upcoming 'Thor: The Dark World') and also giving him a guided tour of Korea for an appearance on a Korean entertainment show. This is second impressive guests that Tiffany has interviewed which includes the likes of Mr. John Smith himself, Brad Pitt. If she polished her interview skills a bit, this wouldn't be a bad side career to have… I mean, I can think of worse ways than to spend your free time than with Loki and Tyler Durden.

miss A's Return

A few weeks ago I wrote that JYP Entertainment would probably make a push towards the end of the year to reestablish themselves in the K-pop world after what was a pretty quiet start to 2013. It looks like one of the first clues that this actually might happen is from a pretty random Instagram post from miss A's Min with #COMEBACK leading fans to believe that the quartet are back in the studio getting ready for a return to the K-pop scene. Now that the Wonder Girls are on a hiatus, miss A is the main girl group for the entire JYPE family (including Big Hit and AQ) so it makes sense to get them out and put some real muscle behind them, especially before JYPE debuts their new girl group sometime this year. Should be fun!

Girl Group Variety Show Round-Up

A list of all the girl group appearances on variety shows (that I saw) this week.

  • 'Radio Star" - Kim Ye Rim
  • 'Star King' - SPICA, Hong Jin Young
  • 'Immortal Classics 2' - Kang Min Kyung
  • 'Infinity Challenge' - BoA
  • 'Mamma Mia' - Soyu
  • 'Real Men' - A Pink
  • 'God of Food Road' - G.NA
  • '1000 Song Challenge' - Kim Ye Rim
  • 'Hello' - IU

The Taeyeon Experiment

Each week I will post a picture from Taeyeon's Instagram feed in the hopes that one day she'll post a picture of herself reading this column.

I think it's awesome that fans have nicknames for each pair of members within the Girls' Generaton group. Like, this is SooRi (Sooyoung and Yuri) but there's also TaeNy (Tiffany and Taeyeon) and YoonFany (Yoona and Tiffany)... those are just the ones that I've heard of but I'm sure there's one for all of them.

Pic/.Gif/Video of the Week

I'll be the first to admit that I have this weird fascination with the on again, off again, YG girl group. They're almost like this mythical legend that fans have been waiting for and YG gives a little taste before pulling it away right when we're starting to get excited... like the McRib Sandwich at McDonald's. So this recent picture of one of the supposed members Jennie Kim with GD is just a reminder that the pieces are there, but it's a matter of when Yang Hyun Suk feels comfortable with the group to let them loose.

Send your pics and videos to the Uncle Fan via Twitter @KpopUncleFan or email them to

Uncle Fan Mailbag

No and that's cray. "I think you've heard of the group Seventeen because it has 17 members. Do you think that'll EVER work out?"

I had to do some research on this and there was indeed some stories for a 17-member boy band coming out of Pledis Entertainment with the average age of the group being 17. What?! I think Super Junior is about 5 too many members but 17?? Will each member sing one syllable of a song? I assume the plan is to break them up into "units" but still, that's crazy.

Dream come true. "Have you ever seen Taeyeon live?"

No but she's like on my top 5 list along with the original Guns N' Roses, Barack Obama, and Santa Clause.

A Few Non-K-pop Related Things

It's a Boy Dance Party
If you haven't seen this 'Saturday Night Live' Digital Short featuring Bruce Willis, it's hilarious.

Miley's New Songs
As much as I abhor Miley Cyrus the person, Miley the singer picks some incredible catchy songs.

Top 5 Favorite Girl Groupers Right Now

  1. Suzy - She should be dating.
  2. Taeyeon - Someone emailed me asking if I was jealous of Kim Hee Chul and his close access to Taeyeon. Uh... of course I AM!
  3.  IU - Can never have too much IU.
  4. CL/Lim/Jia - For having the most Instagram updates.
  5. Eunji - In anticipation of 'Reply 1994', I re-watched a few episodes of 'Reply 1997'... fell in love again.

Song of the Week

It has to be T-ara's "Number 9" as the Shinsadong Tiger produced song has done well on the charts since its release. Hopefully it's a fresh start for the group and they'll be coming out more regularly with new music.

That's it for this week. Have a good one and see you back here next time.

  1. CL
  2. A Pink
  3. Eunji
  4. Hyunsik
  5. Krystal
  6. miss A
  7. Jia
  8. Suzy
  9. Eunji
  10. Soyu
  11. Girls' Generation
  12. Taeyeon
  13. Tiffany
  14. SPICA
  15. T-ara
  16. Lim
  17. IU
  18. G.NA
  19. Lee Min Ho
  20. Park Shin Hye
  21. Hong Jin Young
  22. lee min ho
  23. heirs
  24. tiffany
  25. uncle fan
  26. Confessions of an Uncle Fan

ggoggoma9 Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm sorry for my email, ahjussi hehe :p

But, Heechul is also my bias (#1 Taeyeon, #2 Heechul, #EXO) .

And I don't get jealous of it

babyblackjack Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Although this was too short of a COAUF episode for me I must agree that I looooove "CL/Lim/Jia ;- For having the most Instagram updates" Feels like I'm connected to them in some way :D And omfg I'm just waiting for YG's girl group...while silently crying T____T The wait is torturous :(

kkangjii Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yeap agree with one of the top comments. Nine muses is oreally one of the most underrated girl groups out there. Try checking them out, and also their member Kyungri. You'll have nosebleeds i swear :D

estherahn Wednesday, October 16, 2013

oh no, I also meant to ask, what is the 5th person you want to see live? Do guns n' roses count as more than one, or maybe you want to keep the 5th option open?

And oh, I mentioned you said "hyunsik"; well, I keep making mistakes, anyway-- I said the title of the article wrong-- I found it's Confessions of a instead of "from a". Sorry!

estherahn Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"bad boy rich guy (who secretly wants to love and be loved) who has some history with a mean rich girl, who of course is jealous of the growing relationship between the poor rich girl and the bad boy rich guy (see: Classic Korean Drama Love Triangle"
Thank you for being a normal person, Uncle Fan. Thanks for treating the kpop girls as people, not like products. I saw comments around that say kpop girls shouldn't be supported in dating, because the uncle fans are paying for their careers to have a fantasy where they belong to them; that dating for female idols means that they should kiss their careers goodbye. Because I am a fan (though I'm not a boy, so, not an uncle fan), I want them all to live a happy life, find love, etc. I'm going to tweet Suzy and tell my kpop friends your support. :D

And I can't believe fangirls haven't come and corrected you yet about mentioning and tagging hyunsik, who is in btob, for heirs. It's actually ZE:A Hyungsik. I know you don't follow boy groups :D. And I remember you saying you don't know anything about ZE:A from Confessions from a Fangirl, who posted a pic of Hyungsik. Hahaha! I love Hyungsik and ZE:A just a little more than I love Uncle Fan-- I am an Uncle Fan fan. I hope this series will go on for years and years.

lemonlimex Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm really glad t-ara is doing so well <3

kpopfanatic93 Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dream come true. ;"Have you ever seen Taeyeon live?"

No but she's like on my top 5 list along with the original ;Guns N' Roses, ;Barack Obama, and ;Santa Clause.

ME: LMAO.....Dead.

yellowjacket Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shinsadong Tiger and T-ara always an awesome combination

ikpoplolz Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I was kinda disappointed not seeing any mentions of recent comebacks: IU, Kahi, AOA, SHINee, Nine Muses... ;but I'm still very happy that T-ARA's Number Nine became the song of the week! Thank you Uncle Fan~

foggydawn Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I was disappointed that you didn't mention anything about T-ara's comeback until I saw you name Number 9 as song of the week. Many thanks Uncle Fan.

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