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Block B talk about their album + relationship with Cho PD and Stardom Entertainment

By alim17   Thursday, October 3, 2013   50,065   606   115



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Having just released their third new mini-album 'Very Good' on the 2nd, Block B attended a press conference on the 3rd at Korea University's Hwa Jung Gymnasium.

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During the conference, they told the reporters, "We have a good relationship with Stardom Entertainment and Cho PD.  Just yesterday, we received a supportive message."

They also revealed, "As we did not know when the album would be coming out, we worked diligently," and "The songs we worked on during that time are all in this album."

'Very Good' is their first album in a year and has a light and cheerful rhythm as well as merry lyrics.

Member Zico said, "It is a song that shows our confidence in being the best.  The cheerful vibe symbolizes that we are the best.  Compared to previous albums, this is more perfectly complete, so we hope you will listen to it well."

Zico had personally composed, wrote, and produced for this album.  He said, "As we spent a lot of time together, it was easy to grasp each member's personality and discover a genre that matched each individual.  However, if I were to pick a part that is still difficult it would be the thought that our personal spectrum might not be good enough."

Lastly, they revealed, "We started working on the sketch for 'Very Good' since April; there were many complications.  Seeing as how we were trying to mix many different genres, there were also many problematic areas.  We completed it difficultly."

In the past, Block B had endured a lot of problems with Cho PD and their past agency Stardom Entertainment, causing them to sue the latter and ultimately lose.  However, it appears both parties have resolved their issues as the boys are now pursuing activities with new agency Seven Seasons.

Source: OSEN via Nate

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annep1987 Saturday, October 12, 2013

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS.

junsukiyoo Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hahaha. If only Block B joined YG. GD Zico would be da bomb! lol. #randomimagination

nopeyourewrong Saturday, October 5, 2013

A concert promoter was asked how much it cost to get GD (only GD, not the whole group) to perform at an event. He replied combine EXO and Shinee's asking price and it still wouldn't be enough. YG likes to handpick verrry young trainees and trains them for a verrry long time. YG, as a man, is brilliant and his priority is quality control and gobs of PROFIT. I personally paid $1,000 for my VIP ticket to see GD. While Block B had gone unpaid since 2011, Zico said, "If I could, I'd make everything free for BBCs." Did you know how much they charged for the Very Good Showcase? $1. One frikkin' dollar per fan. Scalper tickets were cancelled. They kept their word. At this rate, Block B may never own a Lamborghini like GD. Block B may never get paid $50K-$100K just to sit in the front row during Paris Fashion Week like GD. But, that's okay because Block B's happier now than they've ever been. Block B and YG have totally different priorities.

blockblicious Monday, October 7, 2013

@nopeyourewrong I didn't think it was possible, but now I love them even more

bokbunja Friday, October 4, 2013

I thought they won their lawsuit.. if they didn't win how were they able to sign with another agency? :/

nopeyourewrong Friday, October 4, 2013

As the suit filed by Block B was thrown out for insufficient evidence (the verdict's actual semantics were odd), Block B refused to work/promote under Stardom as they would've approached years of non-payment for all their hard work. That would be slavery. Stardom had more than one lawsuit against them concurrently. Since Stardom lost against ShowNote, they were now obligated to pay ShowNote the 600Million Won. Stardom's non-payment of Block B gives you a hint that Stardom's not exactly wise/prudent/responsible with financial matters. If you were Stardom and you already pissed through the money the court just ordered you to pay back and Block B can't trust you, what would you do? Release Block B from their contract for an undisclosed settlement.

bokbunja Saturday, October 5, 2013

@nopeyourewrong Ah I see.. so Block B were paid then? Thanks for letting me know ^^

nopeyourewrong Saturday, October 5, 2013

@bokbunja No, they were not paid. They were released to another agency for an undisclosed settlement in order to avoid having to pay Block B and lawyers. Ongoing lawsuits are expensive. The one thing of value Stardom owned was the name Block B. However, without the members working for Stardom, the name hurt their business more than it was worth.

nopeyourewrong Saturday, October 5, 2013

@bokbunja Block B wanted to be released from their contract because they were pretty much being exploited. Even their family was swindled by the CEO. Not only were they not paid, but their parents were stolen from also. If you work and employer doesn't pay you, you would want to quit, right? Imagine your employer saying you can't quit because they own you, but they'll consider it for $60,000. Then your parents pay the money, but your boss still refuses to let you go. Do you really think that employer will ever pay you and your parents back? Do you think your boss just withheld the money for safekeeping under a mattress? ShowNote was able to prove funds were misappropriated. So, remember, the best predictor of future behavior is the past behavior. If someone's inclined to mishandle money, don't expect them to pay back debts.

babyblackjack Friday, October 4, 2013

I looooove how Block B are still together and are staying strong. BLOCK B HWAITING! :D

zicovaontheblock Friday, October 4, 2013

im proud of you block b! and so happy your back! <3 ;

lailaniaree_3 Friday, October 4, 2013

anyone else felt like there was something missing in kpop until Block B came back? i love Block B now kpop is complete for me. :) im glad they are still together and i want them to win something so bad :O

xrumax Friday, October 4, 2013

Block B never let me down! Consistently producing great music! I support them 100%! Block B fighting!

nopeyourewrong Friday, October 4, 2013

Part 1 of 2* In September 2012, Stardom (Cho PD) signed a contract with ShowNote to promote Block B. ;ShowNote advanced a payment of 650 Million Won to promote Block B without being notified of Stardom's existing financial issues ;i.e. Block B had NOT been paid since March 2011 by Stardom. Cho PD instead used the advance to promote EVOL. ;
* In January 2013, Block B filed a lawsuit against Stardom for non-payment since March 2011.
* In March 2013, ShowNote filed a lawsuit against Stardom. ;
* In June 2013, Block B's injunction was dismissed. Block B released a statement: "The Block B members have no intention to promote under Stardom Entertainment, so they will be preparing independent promotion."(partial statement)
* In July 2013, Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of ShowNote and ordered Stardom (Cho PD) to PAY BACK the 600 Million Won. Stardom didn't exactly put that money into a Certificate of Deposit to accrue interest. <sarcasm> The money was pretty much gone.
* Over (July?) August and September of 2013, there were unconfirmed rumors that Block B had signed with a new company. ;

nopeyourewrong Friday, October 4, 2013

Part 2 of 2* Which led me to my own statement regarding the dissolution of Block B's contracts. Stardom had TWO lawsuits filed against them almost concurrently. Prior to Cho PD's latest single release, he admitted he mishandled the financials and mismanaged the company. As Stardom was ordered to pay back ShowNote yet never even had the money to pay Block B, then logically Seven Seasons could NOT possibly been funded by Stardom. ;
* In addition, Stardom's CEO, "Mr. Lee", swindled Block B's family out of an additional $60,000 in bribes. He disappeared with the money.
* As more details came to light, the CEO of Stardom committed suicide (Guilt? Fear of getting caught?) Add this up: two lawsuits stolen $60K CEO suicide = PR nightmare for Stardom. ;
* Stardom and Block B parted amicably, which leads to my own THEORY that perhaps ShowNote (NOT Stardom) may have some connection with the formation of Seven Seasons. Because throughout all these events, ShowNote demonstrated fiscal responsibility and unwavering support for Block B... ;
Doesn't that sound just like Seven Seasons?
Connect the dots.

kyu_elf Friday, October 4, 2013

i like their song , zico ur very talented "very good"& "be the light" are Amazingly ;Perfect

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