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Block B talk about their album + relationship with Cho PD and Stardom Entertainment

Block B, Zico, Cho PD

Having just released their third new mini-album 'Very Good' on the 2nd, Block B attended a press conference on the 3rd at Korea University's Hwa Jung Gymnasium.


During the conference, they told the reporters, "We have a good relationship with Stardom Entertainment and Cho PD.  Just yesterday, we received a supportive message."

They also revealed, "As we did not know when the album would be coming out, we worked diligently," and "The songs we worked on during that time are all in this album."

'Very Good' is their first album in a year and has a light and cheerful rhythm as well as merry lyrics.

Member Zico said, "It is a song that shows our confidence in being the best.  The cheerful vibe symbolizes that we are the best.  Compared to previous albums, this is more perfectly complete, so we hope you will listen to it well."

Zico had personally composed, wrote, and produced for this album.  He said, "As we spent a lot of time together, it was easy to grasp each member's personality and discover a genre that matched each individual.  However, if I were to pick a part that is still difficult it would be the thought that our personal spectrum might not be good enough."

Lastly, they revealed, "We started working on the sketch for 'Very Good' since April; there were many complications.  Seeing as how we were trying to mix many different genres, there were also many problematic areas.  We completed it difficultly."

In the past, Block B had endured a lot of problems with Cho PD and their past agency Stardom Entertainment, causing them to sue the latter and ultimately lose.  However, it appears both parties have resolved their issues as the boys are now pursuing activities with new agency Seven Seasons.

Source: OSEN via Nate

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