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Thunder, Sohyun, Sunhwa and more ask KARA randomly fun questions

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Fans have been curious about KARA ever since their comeback with "Damaged Lady" and their celebrity friends sent in questions for the girls!

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MBLAQ's Thunder asked his 'Nail Salon Paris' co-star Gyuri, "Park Gyuri sshi, did you have a change in personality after filming your drama?" Gyuri replied, "Rather than a change in my personality, I felt different things because I was in a new environment during each filming."

Gyuri's co-star Oh Man Suk from their musical remake of '200 Pound Beauty' asked, "I watched your drama well. Do you have any plans to act in a film or drama?" Gyuri replied, "I am embarrassed to hear that you, my sunbaenim, watched it... As I study acting, I want to take on the challenge step-by-step. Because I am lacking in a lot of areas, I will work harder! Because I always dreamed of acting ever since I was young, I don't want to lose the opportunity if I get the chance."

Co-host of 'TV Animal FarmShin Dong Yup asked Seungyeon, "You haven't aged in the past two years that I've been keeping my eye on you. What is your secret to maintaining your youthful looks?" Seungyeon replied, "I hear that my petite frame is the same as my grandmother. I received her genes... hehe Honestly, if it weren't for my youthful image and small face, I think I wouldn't have been able to become a celebrity. Other than that... I stick with young friends? hehe"

'Jang Ok Jung' co-star Lee Sang Yup asked, "You are making a name for yourself as an actress. How has your experience as a singer helped with your acting?" Seungyeon replied, "I am used to the cameras and crowded sets? If it wasn't for that experience, I would've been more nervous and it would've been more difficult." When asked, "I like your bright and energetic image but how do you normally relieve your stress?" Seungyeon shared, "I think about what delicious snacks I'll eat during my next meal time. Eating is the best!!!"

'Secret Love's PD Kim Kyu Tae asked Nicole, "I thought that your expression of emotions was great while filming the drama with you, Nicole. As I watched you spill tears during a sad scene, the stereotype I had of KARA was broken. I wonder if you did any special preparations for that emotional scene." Nicole replied, "I focus on the character's situation and all of the moments I've experienced until now. Prior to filming, I would think, 'How would it feel if I heard those words?', and imagine it. I try to understand the script and why my character feels hurt at the specific moment and what kind of pain it is. It is harder for me to act like it's my first time hearing something in that moment."

'My Way' co-star Kim In Kwon asked Nicole, "You made a short cameo on the film 'My Way', but I remember your acting skills to be excellent. Do you have any future plans as an actress?" Nicole replied, "While filming my cameo for 'My Way' and my drama, I gained interest and felt the charms of acting. Although I am lacking a lot, if the opportunity presents itself, I want to try more! ♥"

4minute's Sohyun asked Jiyoung, "You made a comeback with 'Damaged Lady' and as I watched you this time, I felt like you really became a woman. When I turned 20, I heard that I was cute but you're really a woman. When do you think I'll transition from a girl into a woman?" Jiyoung replied, "Sohyun ah. Try red lipstick. Then you will become a woman^^."

Actor Bae Soo Bin asked, "Kang Jiyoung sshi who received a lot of love from the male staff during filming. You are such a cute and pretty friend so I'll ask on behalf of men. What is your ideal type?" Jiyoung replied, "First off, a person who I have a lot in common with. Whether its looks or personality... I also like someone who's fun >_<"

SECRET's Sunhwa asked Hara, "Hara yah~ You must get a lot of stress as you promote... How do you relieve your stress?" Hara replied, "I eat, sleep and play!!! Because I am the type to not receive stress easily, I fall into deep sleep whenever I have time and play hard~ I find good eateries and my mood is lifted~!"

Source + Image: Naver

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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ikiiiin Friday, October 4, 2013

Reading this after saw sohyun name.. just to make sure they are talk about 4minute sohyun or someone else.. seriously why am i even here??

bsw Thursday, September 26, 2013

​Cute and random questions ask for cute and random answers...that KARA's field of expertise!

"Wear red lipstick. Then you'll become a woman" <-----nothing says giant baby wisdom quite like this quote. Kang JiYoung, you should receive an award for this! kekeke

neito Monday, September 23, 2013


love kara :D

kxdxsxp45 Sunday, September 22, 2013

;kara fighting !!!​

andyboy17 Sunday, September 22, 2013

​KARA! <3

kxdxsxp45 Sunday, September 22, 2013

interesting ​ ;i want more ;

kxdxsxp45 Sunday, September 22, 2013

nice ; ;i love it ;

kxdxsxp45 Sunday, September 22, 2013

kara are so creative group ;

kxdxsxp45 Sunday, September 22, 2013

babymimi Sunday, September 22, 2013

​kara jjang <3

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