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Op-Ed on Core Contents Media & T-ara sparks hot debate

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After T-ara officially announced their unit promotions with Jiyeon's teaser photo, there has been a hot debate on the mysterious method of promotions that Core Contents Media has utilized for the new unit.

An Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed) was recently written by Kim Yoon Kyum of Korean media outlet TVDaily, and it has been receiving a lot of debate among netizens. The Op-Ed criticized Core Contents Media's choice to keep a mysterious image for the girls by releasing only a photo of Jiyeon and her fashion while keeping everything else under a veil of secrecy, even the very name of the subunit.

Usually, such mysterious marketing is reserved for singers who are highly popular but have not been in the public eye for a long time or for singers who are not yet well known to the public. As such, the Op-Ed questions the choice of applying the same marketing technique for T-ara. Even after T-ara's bullying rumors, the girls held their heads up high and continued straight onto promotions for "Sexy Love". Both fans and non-fans agree that this might not have been the best direction that Core Contents Media could have chosen for T-ara, whether or not the rumors were actually true. In fact, "Sexy Love" promotions caused an even bigger rift between T-ara and the public, resulting in the song falling short of the group's usual top ranking hits.

As this is the case, the Op-Ed states that the mysterious marketing technique seems to be completely out of the blue. When Kang Ho Dong, Kim Gu Ra, and other big celebrities caused a disturbance in the society, all of them took a break from promotions for 'disturbing society', no matter if the accusations turned out to be true or false. T-ara's actions in completely ignoring criticism only resulted in negative reactions from the public, and their appearances on end-of-the-year shows were met with at best, a tepid response.

The Op-Ed points out that T-ara has been more or less forcing its promotions on the crowd, even though most of the public still sees them in a negative light. However, the Op-Ed brings up the point that Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwang Soo has a strong friendship with much of the PDs and various personnel in the broadcast industry, allowing him to secure a spot for T-ara on various music shows and other broadcast shows even with their past controversy.

The writer of the Op-Ed concluded with this paragraph:

A point that I am interested in is to see how much this unit group will be promoted. The label Core Contents Media has already started a 'pollution' distribution on the public by starting its supply of offensive promotions.

Netizens have commented on the topic stating, "This is a great article, but I'm worried about what Kim Kwang Soo might do", "This is satisfying", "They're persistent", and "I agree with the pollution part".

Opposing views who defend the actions of CCM say, "There's no proof that Hwayoung was bullied", "CCM has a history of creating hits for T-ara, they will bounce back!" and "Actually, T-ara's new songs had a good response".

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