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Byul reveals the love story between her and HaHa


Byul revealed the love story between herself and HaHa on 'Strong Heart'.

She revealed that she and HaHa had been close since 7-8 years ago, revealing, "I fell for his brainwashing tactics 7-8 years ago. I did a radio show with him, and then all of a sudden he would call me after he got drunk and talk about his life." When he confessed to her, she had thought it was a drunken joke. She said, "His character is obnoxious and playful, so I thought he was just drunk, but later I wondered if I really looked that easy to him. So I became serious and told him, 'I have no interest in you. Don't call me like this'. When we met after that, it was awkward, but later I learned that HaHa oppa was praising me to others around him. I didn't contact him for 4-5 years, but in the beginning of the year, he texted me saying, "Byul, it's Donghoon. I like you. We're at the age to get married now. Since we were in different places, let's now find our place"."

However, after that their relationship was still a bit unclear, so they had a lengthy conversation in a car. Byul confessed that she had been touched by his words that day, revealing, "He said, 'I'll show you what kind of man I am. If you say okay, I'm going to throw away all of myself that you don't like. You don't know me very well. I'll throw it away.' I stayed still after that, and he tried to leave. But then I said, as if I was in a movie scene, 'Then show me', and we started dating ever since that day. At the end of the day, he thanked me, grabbed my face and kissed me."

She also revealed that no one had known that they were dating until the marriage announcement except Yoo Jae Suk, and he only knew right before their marriage announcement. Yoo Jae Suk had attended HaHa's father's 70th birthday party. Yoo Jae Suk had been surprised that Byul was there because it was usually the place for HaHa's girlfriend, but he had just assumed Byul was there because she was close friends with HaHa. She said, "I greeted Yoo Jae Suk oppa and explained the situation, and he was very surprised. I guess HaHa oppa's image is so childish that marriage didn't suit him. His hyungs were really disappointed."


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