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Two more idol groups suspected of bullying

By GhostWriter   Tuesday, July 31, 2012   479,598   226   32



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With Hwayoung's controversy with T-ara coming to public light, the K-Pop industry is now attempting to take a closer look as to where these issues could be stemming from. Unsurprisingly, Hwayoung isn't the only one suffering, as other groups came forward with their own concerns.

Reporters were able to find that the issue of bullying already has strong roots within idol groups, especially with the growth K-Pop has been seeing lately. There's a correlation between the level of an individual member's star power and the level of discontentment within the group, as the bigger the difference there is in income, the more prone the group is to bullying.

A B list group anonymously named 'A' has been battling bullying issues since their debut because of member 'B', who is considered the face of the group due to her various activities in dramas and variety programs. Although she helped bring the group's name to the spotlight, she eventually became the target of bullying due to the vast difference in their earnings.

A former manager of the group stated, "Idol groups are young in age so it's easy for them to get swept up in emotions. The members know that the company favors to get at least one member to popularity in order to have the group follow, but they still bully that member once it happens. These days, companies have to rotate the group's center member while eyeing the members."

The trainee system also plays a part in the issue since stars are picked at a young age and put through five to six years of training at the least, before having to endure hard competition to be chosen as a final member. Naturally, new members that join in the middle get faced with criticism and hate for essentially "getting a free ride."

Girl group 'C' is representative of this case, as they were recently found to have been bullying their new member.

Another manager in the industry revealed, "Whenever I saw member D of group C, she was always standing alone in the hallway outside of her waiting room at music programs. The members would be so immature in the way they treated her, such as forcing her to wear the outfit concept they hated the most or giving her the most outrageous hair concepts. In the case of bigger groups, they'll try to use the senior card to train the new member into submission by forcing them to use separate hair salons and forcing them into smaller vans."

The only solution at the time seems to be ample communication between both the members and the company. Pop critic Kang Tae Gyu commented, "The issue of bullying within idol groups is severe, as it's a sensitive issue that's difficult for the company to get themselves involved in. Managers will usually only know that it's happening but not the inner details, and won't try to resolve the problem since it's not something they can make a sound judgement on."

The critic compared the problem to homeroom teachers being oblivious to the problems of bullying within the classroom. Unlike members who are together 24 hours on top of dorming, managers are only with them for certain times of the day.

The solution he offered was that companies setup  a system that gives members an opportunity to anonymously submit issues going on within the group, and to open up communication in general. "Lack of communication can ultimately lead to bigger consequences. Just the mere notion of bullying needs to be reported immediately, and members need to be assured that their privacy will be protected."

Another solution is for companies to make training in character and ethics mandatory.

Shinhwa's secret to maintaining a good relationship for 14 years also lies in their communication skills. Leader Eric had stated, "While promoting, there are times when we get sensitive, which later erupts into fights. There are a lot of instances where we even physically fought each other. There were issues, but we ended it there. We all worked hard to resolve them through communication."

SISTAR overcame similar problems, as previously revealed by Dasom, "I used to believe that I wasn't of any help to the team and felt envious of Hyorin and Bora unni. I wanted to be acknowledged and win over the unnis too and felt upset when I couldn't. Every time I felt that way, though, the unnis consoled me, which helped a lot in bringing up my self confidence again."

Source + Photos: Joongang via Naver

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CHeddy1 Saturday, November 1, 2014

Now I know why Hyorin and Dasom have a Mother-Daughter relationship :)

narutony_twenty Thursday, July 11, 2013

The first group might be Suzy from Miss A she's in alot of dramas and the 2nd group is probably the new girl in After school...don't know her name.

lee_hyo_seok Wednesday, July 10, 2013

oh god! the first girl group can probably be Girls Generation and i think B is YOONA because she is the visual of the group,works in dramas and movies and hast the highest income among the members and A could be HYOYEON or SUNNY because they have the least earning amongst the members and they even enclosed this in a program and it is even in google.i love SNSD so much a i don't want their to be conflict btwn them i hope they resolve this problem and continue being the best and happy together. FIGHTING!!!!!

if any one has any say please comment.......:)Lets go soshi!! ;and vote ;

Anna34 Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Read it again, it doesn't match SNSD.~

spiritnam Thursday, July 11, 2013

well i think it can´t be sunny because she is the niece of one of the riches man in the country.

snsd4life_taetae Wednesday, July 17, 2013

if you're a sone, then you should know that girl group member 'A' can't be Girls' Generation. I'm not saying that because i'm a Sone myself but because its true. And i'll give you reasons why it can't be soshi. The article says that Girl Group member 'A' is bulling their member because she is having more filmings and earnings than the rest of the members. It's true, Yoona has more filmings and earning than the rest of the Soshi members, BUT heres the mistake. It also said the the member getting bullied helped bring the groups name to the spotlight, and if you compare that to SNSD than it is incorrect. Yoona didn't bring Girls' Generation name to the spotlight, all 9 members did, altogether. How? Well, after a long hiatus, in 2009, SNSD had a comeback with 'Gee' which is the whole reason why they got so famous, the song swept through all of Asia, and it literally made them famous. Yoona didn't had filming at all, and if she did, then it wouldn't be alot since she was working on the comeback. And at that time, all members had the same earnings. And Hyoyeon also said in one of their reality shows called 'Star Life theater' that she thought she would end up in one of those groups that the members fight for the spotlight especially with alot of members, but she then said that SNSD was nothing like that, they care for each other. and that it would be hard to find another group that has a better relation than theirs, and that she's blessed and lucky to have SNSD as her members and her group. I hope this will make you believe why SNSD couldn't be Girl Group 'A' :DD

suju_kpop Thursday, July 4, 2013

AKP changed the headline picture into T-ara. ;

SSFiveOone_Mongolia Saturday, June 29, 2013

PLEASEEEEE REMOVE PIC PARK JUNG MIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why Jungmin's pic? allkpop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont be make Bif fault

strider501 Saturday, June 29, 2013

Please remove Park Jung Min's picture. He doesn't have anything to do with the article.

SSFiveOone_Mongolia Saturday, June 29, 2013

[img src="" alt=""> ;

fargol501 Saturday, June 29, 2013

what the hell is that?? why did you put the picture of park ;jung min for your topic??!

change it please

chii501 Friday, June 28, 2013

yeah please remove this T.T

alta Friday, June 28, 2013


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