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Posted by VITALSIGN35 pts Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SHINee celebrates the release of their Barcelona travel book

On December 13th, SHINee's Onew, Key, and Taemin held a book release conference for their Barcelona travel book, 'Children of the Sun'. The book is a photo essay documenting the trio's experience during their week-long stay in Barcelona, Spain. It features journal-like entries from the members as they delve into personal stories and thoughts. As of the 13th, the book ranked in the top 10 bestsellers list. At the press conference, the boys began, "We wrote down what we felt and experienced together in a diary format that we think many people will be able to connect to. We experienced a lot of things and felt a lot of passion as we learned about the culture of another country; it was also an opportunity for us to see a reflection of ourselves off stage." When asked why they chose Barcelona, they replied, "It was our first break in a while, and we wanted to choose a location far away. All three of us were immediately attracted to Barcelona. We ate and hung out in the streets as much as we could, and we hope that more people visit Barcelona. For those that can't, we hope that they'll indirectly experience the joy through our book." Key revealed, "Ever since our debut, I wanted to show this particular side of us. I think it's a book that aptly captures our natural side off stage. My mom bought about 40 copies for herself to share with her friends. I think it is a fun book, and I hope that people will take an interest in it." The boys also touched on some habits they discovered about one another. Onew began, "Key has always liked shopping, so while on vacation, he was walking around everywhere, without even a minute of rest. Although we've promoted together for such a long time, the three of us had different things we wanted to do. For example, I had a hard time understanding why Taemin was so adamant about buying a soccer uniform." He continued, "We had some free time in the middle of our vacation, and Key went shopping while Taemin went to swim. All three of us have very different hobbies." Key added, "I saw Onew hyung cooking and felt like I discovered a new side to him. I was surprised to see him cook, but even more surprised with the taste. Why? Because I chewed on raw rice when I tasted his dish." [gallery link="file" order="DESC"] Source + Photos: E-Daily, OSEN (2) via Naver

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