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Posted by AKP STAFF Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Mixtape: allkpop's Top 10 Banned Songs by the MOGEF


Welcome to 'The Mixtape', a special bi-weekly feature that brings you the best K-Pop playlists! We'll be sharing songs that we think you guys should really check out, and possibly introduce you to some great tracks that you might not have heard before – all of which surrounds a special theme. As K-Pop continues to grow and expand, we're finding our favorite artists experimenting with more mature themes and content in their music. Unfortunately, those who go a little too far with their creativity get branded with the infamous ban from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF), which restricts younger audiences from purchasing and being exposed to these 'harmful' songs. While we can understand why certain songs get restricted from younger audiences, there are definitely more moments where we just shake our heads and think that the MOGEF's reasons are outright ridiculous. For the first time, we're finding more and more songs getting censored and subsequently re-released with alternative lyrics, just so that the song will pass regulations for public broadcast and promotions. So, here's a playlist of our favorite "forbidden" K-Pop songs. Some, but not all, of these tracks have not had their ban lifted, so if you're sensitive to issues regarding sex, alcohol, drug use, or unconventional dating, this playlist may not be for you. But who are we kidding? You guys are probably more interested now, so check out our mixtape below! === ✪ TVXQ - "Mirotic" ✪ We kick off our playlist with "Mirotic", which is one of the biggest 'banned' cases yet. The song was accused of using overly sexual and provocative lyrics, which led the group to release a clean version, changing the line in their chorus from "[I've got you] under my skin" to "[I've got you] under my sky." Unfortunately for the boys, their ban was lifted after their promotional activities. === ✪ CSJH's Dana & Sunday - "One More Chance" The girls (well, half of them) returned this year after a long hiatus with "One More Chance", which immediately got stamped with a restricted youth sticker upon its release. The quirky track was deemed inappropriate for youth because of lines like "I don't like soju because the glass is too small. It make my face look bigger. The rice wine glass is big and holds much more." We get that kids shouldn't drink, however, does it make any sense that comparing shot glasses to the size of your face really encourages drinking? --- ✪2PM - "Hands Up!" While on the topic of alcoholic beverages, I think you all saw this one coming. Although they had one of the biggest hits this summer, 2PM's song got banned because of the line, "Get your hands up and put your drinks up". 2PM then had to re-release their party jam with the alternate lyric, "Put your hands up and put your dreams up". Well, I think we can summarize that switch-up with one word: Bleh. This song was meant to be a club-banger, not a campfire sing-along, thank you very much. --- ✪ E.Via - "Oppa, Can I Do It?" Play the track for about 5 seconds and I think we can all agree that this song deserved its ban. The controversial track caused a stir during its release for its sexual themes and innuendo. We can't really say much about this track except that it's somewhat catchy and she can rap really fast. --- ✪ 10cm - "Americano" 10cm's hit song, "Americano", was slapped with the label, 'Hazardous for children'. The MOGEF argued that its lyrics were hazardous to a child's concept of a 'clean romantic relationship' with the other sex. They pointed out a particular line that said, "Having a cigarette with a pretty lady and having a cup of tea, while kissing another woman and having a cigarette". Scandalous. -- ✪ Seungri - "Strong Baby" Seungri launched his solo career with his hit track, "Strong Baby." The song (which featured raps from fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon) was immediately banned from networks like KBS due to its use of the word, "crack." I think we all know that song has nothing to do with the actual drug, but Seungri eventually conceded to replace the word "crack" with "clap". To this day, you still can't purchase the track in Korea unless you're over 19. --- ✪ B2ST - "On Rainy Days" Just like with 2PM, the MOGEF banned B2ST's "On Rainy Days" because of references to alcohol. "I should stop drinking, I think I'm drunk" was the controversial line, which the MOGEF argued created an image that encouraged underage teens to drink as well. You'd think that with the line literally stating, "I should stop drinking", it would communicate that drinking isn't doing anyone any favors. --- ✪ Psy - "Right Now" Psy, who made an electrifying comeback with his single "Right Now", was given the R-19 sticker due to his use of "obscene lyrics." The "obscene" lyric in question was "Life is toxic like alcohol." The MOGEF claims that his song encourages juvenile delinquency in teenagers, however the track doesn't really encourage the act of drinking, so the ban doesn't really make any sense to us. Anyhow, Psy seemed to make light of the ban as he sarcastically cracked out, "This is why my life is toxic like alcohol." --- ✪ GD&TOP - "Knock Out" GD&TOP's third title track, "Knock Out", was banned because the title of the track and its lyrics use slang, which they believed would damage the national psyche. The song itself has been popular on music charts, and news of the song's ban quickly became a controversy amongst fans and netizens alike. The majority are of the belief that the ban is "ridiculous and out of line." --- ✪ Block B - "Freeze! ✪ Banned not just once, but twice, Block B's "Freeze" was charged by the MOGEF for containing lyrics describing unwholesome dating methods. Two lines in particular were deemed to be unacceptable: "Send all of your friends home", and "I'm waiting for you right here." I suppose MOGEF finds it inappropriate to date without your friends around. If anything, the MOGEF could have found a quasi-plausible reason in how Zico seems to be shouting "F*** this" instead of "Focus". ==== And that's it for this week's edition of "The Mixtape". Stay tuned to allkpop for the next episode!

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