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SISTAR's Soyu reveals that she was supposed to debut in 4minute


On the September 1st episode of Mnet's 'Beatles Code', feature guests SISTAR shared some interesting stories with its viewers. One of the MCs Yoon Jong Shin asked Soyu, "Were you a trainee for 4minute?", and the idol answered, "I was originally supposed to debut as a member of 4minute, but instead debuted as a member of SISTAR." When the MC asked a somewhat sensitive question regarding who she thought replaced her spot in 4minute, Soyu hesitantly replied, "It had already all been decided, but I think I didn't make it into the group because I was lacking in many ways and the agency stated, 'She's going to have to do it next time'..." When Yoon Jong Shin pursued his original question by asking, "Were they originally supposed to have five members?", she replied with a shy laugh, "Yes", and added, "I was originally supposed to be in the maknae member's place...", referring to Sohyun, the youngest member of 4minute. The MCs Yoon Jong Shin and Yoon Se Yoon finished off the story by commenting, "4minute and SISTAR have both done well. But it's a good thing that you became a member of SISTAR right?", to which Soyu and Hyorin both proudly exclaimed, "Of course!", showing their affections toward their group. We're sure fans couldn't imagine a SISTAR without Soyu! Source + Photo: TV Report via Naver

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