Posted by AKP STAFF Saturday, September 3, 2011

SISTAR addresses rumors about being delinquents


SISTAR recently addressed the rumors about how they're perceived as 'iljins', or delinquents/gang members. On September 1st, SISTAR made an appearance on Mnet's 'Beatles Code', where they guested alongside singer-songwriter Lee Seung Yeol, who appeared on TV for the first time since his debut. MC Yoon Jong Shin noted how they shared similar networks, saying, "Lee Seung Yeol is friendly and not awkward with Han Dae Soo while SISTAR is friends with DJ DOC." The SISTAR members replied, "Producer Brave Brothers [who wrote "So Cool"] fits better with rough people, rather than those with a compliant style". They continued, "After hanging out with the sunbaes a lot, rumors came up that we were 'iljins'. Brave Brothers and DJ DOC may seem strong and awkward on the outside and have a bad image, but, in reality, they're really more like caring and tender-hearted girls." This caused MC Yoon Jong Shin and Yoon Sae Yoon to exclaim, "Do you really know them?" and "You want to show me an insulting text?", as they joked that Brave Brothers and DJ DOC are actually violent in reality, drawing laughter. Source: TV Report via Naver

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