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Posted by AKP STAFF Thursday, April 14, 2011

Block B members share the personal obstacles they faced in order to debut


Cho PD's Block B finally unveiled themselves earlier today, and much attention is now being put on the individual members. allkpop was informed by Brand New Stardom that all seven members endured their fair share of hardships before they came together to be the group they are today. The group's oldest, Jaehyo, was actually a trainee for B2ST but eventually had to give up his dreams and return home after injuring his knee with heavy rehearsals. When he received surgery for his knee, he was later encouraged by MBLAQ's Lee Joon to stand up and try again. Under his support, Jaehyo mustered the bravery to try out once more, and fortunately passed. Maknae P.O. was actually eliminated during the group's first official audition. He tried out again a year later after losing 10 kg and training intensively to improve his vocals and dance skills. Cho PD watched over his progress, and decided to include him in the final line-up, opposing the voices encouraging him to drop P.O. Cho PD's personal 'dark horse', member U-Kwon, was also a trainee that failed his camera test in the beginning of their training.After the shock of the experience, he geared up his determination and came back for a second audition, essentially stunning everyone in the room with his favorable profile. Kyung was chosen as a trainee while he was studying abroad in New Zealand, and is also one of the most experienced members of the group.He was dropped from the final line-up for Block B because Cho PD felt that he would be a better fit as a leader for another group. However, Kyungfasted for 10 days afterwards, and worked to prove himself once more in order to become a member of Block B, which eventually led Cho PD to give into Kyung's determination. Leader Zico, like the rest, was also dropped from the initial line-up because they felt that he didn't have enough what it took to be a leader. According to Cho PD, a true leader needed to have the will to stand up eight times after failing seven. After suffering a brief period of depression, Zico picked himself up again and returned to wow the crowd for a second time. Main vocalist Taeil is already well-known for being eliminated from MBC's "Birth of A Great Star". Taeil didn't let that stop him, though, as he later tried out for Cho PD's audition and passed, managing to go straight into recording for Block B's title track. Rounding out with member B-Bomb, the industry has their eyes set on these seven members and are already anticipating what they'll be bringing to the table.

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